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Ketogenic Diet and Absence Seizures (Petite Mal)

My daughter (7 year old with no prior medical or learning
disabilities) was diagnosed with Absence seizures three months ago.  Since that time, she has tried multiple
medications.  Currently she is on
Depakote and Topamax.  Her seizures were
as frequent as every 3 minutes.  Now,  they are currently every 25 minutes or
so.  The meds have improved her frequency
but she often seems spacey,  tired and
less likely to listen and follow through on requests/directions.  A family member stated that she is getting “spoiled”
but I disagree.  I believe many of the
issues are medication related but have no way to prove it.  Her handwriting is different when she is “spacey”
and her private teacher (currently out of school until better seizure control)
stated that teaching after she started the Topamax was “like teaching a
different kid”. 

I am concerned about the negative effects of the meds and if
they “really get better over time”.  I am
followed by the Hopkins Group and was asked if I wanted to try Ketogenic
diet.  I declined and stated I wanted to
see how she did on this med combo and then make a decision. I have several more
weeks to we reach the optimum doses.  Now
I am concerned that maybe I should attempt the Keto Diet first to see if the
seizures can be controlled without meds. 
Then I can tell if the issues are med related.


My question is :  Have
you treated your child with Absence Seizures or Petite Mals with Ketogenic diet?  Did it work? Would you do it again?  Did you have fewer side effects from the diet
than from the meds?

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