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Keppra and Marijuana

My 15 yr old son was just diagnosed with epilepsy. He is on Keppra and smokes marijuana. Are there any serious side effects of smoking while on Keppra. Anyone out there smoke and take Keppra? He just started Keppra today. 2 doses. 1 in the morning and 1 at night.  Also, do they side effects of Keppra subside?


I am an 18 year old female, and just got diagonsed with epilepsy in the last month. I have been on Keppra for the last three weeks, taking 750 mg twice a day after having two seizures within two weeks of each other. We're still waiting for the tests to come back but we're sure the epilepsy formed from a skull fracture I got in May. I smoke pot every day, and I have been seizure free since I've been on Keppra. Medical Marijuana has epilepsy on it's list in my state, and it can actually help the seizure threshold. I would suggest he find more indica strains, since they are higher in CBD's then THC. (More Sativa strains have lower CBD count & higher THC levels) CBD's are actually what help the seizure threshold in cannabis. In the beginning, it made me kinda anxious to smoke but it did help me sleep better. Now that I've been on the medicine for two weeks, I don't get the anxiety from smoking and it actually helps eliminate most of the side effects, besides drowsiness (indica strains make you more sleepy anyways) My side effects have been subsided a bit. I can stay awake now all day during the day, but I am sleepwalking & I do have a bad stuffy nose all the dang time. I wouldn't be too worried about your child smoking marijuana, as long as he knows his cannabis.

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