Hallucinations prior to seizure?

Hello, I am 15 and my name is Ashley! I just wanted to see if anybody could tell me what type of seizure I had or if my experience was common. Really anything, I just want a little feedback! I am fairly new to all of this, but I did have a seizure back when I was 10. Yesterday morning I was feeling slightly weak and tired. I figured if I did a quick and basic workout I would feel more energized. I grabbed breakfast and began the workout. 5 minutes in I felt nauseous so I immediately stopped and got on my bed. Next thing I know I blacked out and started to have visual hallucinations. There were images going through my brain. I tried to move my arms and legs, but I felt as if I was paralyzed. Since I was unconscious I had no idea if I was shaking at this point. I finally was able to push myself. I had lost control of my bladder while passed out and I was spitting up. My body felt tingly and I moved to sit down on the floor. I was severely shaking at this point. I had blurred vision and could not see clearly. I was able to see the trace of my arms moving (if that makes sense). I believe the seizure lasted for about a minute or two. After the seizure I felt very weak and nauseous. I am curious about the hallucinations prior to my seizure. Is this something common? I also would like to note that I had a seizure 5 years ago and never got an MRI, as the Dr. said it was most likely a one time thing. No hallucinations were involved during my first seizure. I'm scheduled for a nuerologist appt. on Tuesday.