Birthmarks & Epilepsy

Anyone know of any relation between birthmarks and E? 

I have 2 kids with genetic E and they both have birth marks. I was asked about them by the Dr but am wondering if there is any correlation.




Re: Birthmarks & Epilepsy

my grandson is 13 moths old and had siezures for first 8 months. he has 2 birth marks one in middle of back that is alittle swollen and looks like a bruise and one on his fat little thigh. let me know what u find out. because no one else in either family has ever had birthmarks. angel kisses? thats too easy huh....


Re: Birthmarks & Epilepsy

I should be seeing the Dr in the next several weeks. Im going to quiz him then.  Ill let you know what he says.  Enjoy that grandbaby**


Son lamictal 19 Grand Mals, Daughter lamictal 15, myclonics.  Both had first issues at 15 Both JME - gotta love puberty : ) * Both dealing with it* Now finding all the lil nuances that go with it* Live, Laugh, Love