attention teens!

Hello, teens! :)

First off, living with epilepsy does not have to suck as much as you think. And it certainly does NOT make you strange, abnormal, or anything. You're just a normal person who has seizures.

Second off, my name's Annie, and I just started a blog, The Madding Crowd, and it's especially for teens living with epilepsy and/or anxiety/depression. The blog was just started today (Nov. 13), so it's EXTREMELY new (and only has, like, one post...), but it'll get better. 

I'm planning on not only giving advice on epilepsy and a/d, but also annoying things like school. 

If you're remotely interested, the address is: 

Trust me, this is not a sales pitch. I know what it's like being a teenager with epilepsy, anxiety, AND depression, and being on a gazillion meds. It sucks royally. And my blog is an attempt from a somewhat-peer (I'm 22, so I still recall high school life) to help you through it. 



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Thank you!  I think a lot of teens needed something like this!  I appreciate it.

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Hey, Trenton! :)

No problem at all! It's my pleasure. No money's being made off the blog, either. (I'm currently trying to build my CV [resume] to look good enough to send to freelance writing companies. *sigh* I only hope I'll be good enough to hire.) 

I just really want to help teens. I know that high school sucks MAJORLY, and having epilepsy/anxiety/depression only makes the whole situation worse. (i.e. - like when you have to set up IEPs though the special ed department and the school decides that they just don't want to comply with you because, well, since you're obviously not bleeding, you don't have a disability. LAME. They think that for someone to have a disability, you have to SEE it. I swear public school can be so stupid. When I graduated, I was more than thrilled.) 

Anyway, the blog has options like you can sign up to receive posts in your inbox so you don't have to actually go to the website all the time (which is convenient). And also, it has a contact form, so if you want to contact me directly about anything (versus putting it in a comment where the whole world can see), then you can do that. 

I'm really glad you think it's a good idea! I hope the blog gets visitors and such. :) 


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I'm sure it will be good enough.  I already visited once before.  High School does suck, and no body realizes I am having a seizure, so they call on me because they think I am day dreaming or something.  It sucks.  And it's always hard to say "I've had a seizure" because then the whole class thinks I'm weird, and it's hard to explain afterwards.

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OMGsh I remember that happening to me!

In high school, it happened in marching band practice. My section leaders would call out drills and such, and I would have a seizure, then I would be good, but I wouldn't have any idea of what was going on, and I would be totally confused. I'd be like, "What's going on?" And I remember one time when one really mean section leader was like, "Why didn't you pay attention the first time?" I actually got pissed off enough that I just said, "Hey, man, I have epilepsy, and I had a seizure, probably. Just tell me the drill again." 

People can be so... infuriating... sometimes. But it's only because of their ignorance. 

If I wasn't so angry, I probably wouldn't have told her I had epilepsy, though. I was just that mad. Luckily, she didn't go around telling everyone else. 

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Luckily I know whenever I have one!  People just never know what it is, so I don't like telling people that I have that.  It's kind of sad.

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I can usually tell whenever I have one -- usually just because my head will hurt really badly afterwards, and I'll feel really sleepy (and will, therefore, usually sleep for forever). But I don't get auras, and when I wake up from my nap, I never remember having had it. So my parents or someone has to tell me that it happened.

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I have no auraus either, but I know when I have had one, just because of the feeling afterward.  It's undescribable.  Nothing hurts, it just feels weird.  Unless someone is trying to wake me up or something, I won't have time to think about me having had one.  Haha.  What kind of seizures do you have?  I seem to have them more at school then I do on the weekends for some reason.  I guess just more activity....

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I have partial seizures. I guess it's weird that I don't get auras because I read that most people with those types of seizures do get them.

Maybe your school seizures have to do with more stress? I think I remember reading somewhere that increased stress can lead to seizures. It seems to make sense, because sometimes when you're really stressed, you hyperventillate, and that's one of the things that doctors make you do on tests to try to get you to have them. 

It could definitely be other things, though, I was just saying stress as a possibility because... well... school is a prime place for stress to take place.