Silent Seizures

I'm interested in seizures that aren't noticeable by those around you. This morning I was sleeping in a chair in my living room and from the couch my husband (Mike) called my name to wake me up. I woke up and asked my husband where Mike was. I asked two or three times. It was a weird feeling - asking him. But at the same time I had no idea where he was.

He thought it was from taking a Klonopin before bed last night - but
I only took one and that's never, ever happened before. I've never been
so confused that I didn't know my husband was my husband.

I have yet to see a Neurologist - though I have had an EEG (just last week). The tech said it looked normal. As of Friday morning the results weren't available to my GP. I am going to call my doctor's nurse in the morning about the results (even if they are normal) and mention that happened this morning in hopes that it will move along getting me in to see a Neurologist.

I am on several medications for bipolar and my psych is adjusting them (in case they are at fault) but still advises me to see a Neuro - which I'm glad about.

With what happened this morning I'm more scared than I was before. I've been with my husband for twelve years and he is my absolute best friend. To have not recognized him is a huge deal to me. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thank you.


Re: Silent Seizures

I have had seizures with others in the room and no one notice anything.  Outside of the aura and knowing time is lost somewhere, muscles hurting, and needing to sleep... the incidents and events surrounding I've been told by others.

I've had 3 of those where I'm sitting straight up, watching TV or just in conversation with folks, laughing about whatever is on and/or innocently talking to the people in the room

- then I experience my "aura" of smell - then time is lost somewhere - then muscles in arms and legs hurt - confusion as to what is going on & where am I - and really bad fatigue sets in. 

I've asked the ones in the room during those 3 particular incidents and they've all said that I'm talking to them, grow quiet, sitting on couch or chair, they look over and my eyes are either open or in one incident closed.  I grunted during one incident when someone asked a question but did nothing more than grunt. 

They've all said that whatever didn't appear to last but a few seconds or a few minutes cause then I would be asking questions as if I were confused and/or being silly (my daughter) not knowing what was happening even though I was sitting right there with them.

I've called them my "silent" ones.


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Well heavens to Mergatroyd, I'm so glad that I read this post, because you mentioned that for you an aura is a smell.  That was eye-opening!  Now I know why I have those olfactory episodes, even if (so far) none has lead to any tonic clonic seizure.  I mean, that they are indicators of what may or may not come later, that is good to know, even if thus far the olfactory seizures have only resulted in/been accompanied by disorientation, fatigue and confusion.  Very grateful to have read this series of comments on Silent Seizures, as I often have them.

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i have incidents like that a lot my little dog scared me i went blank mentally and thought she was a rodent or somthing she scared me till i realized it was my baby i dont like that crap very new to me ..Or i will be driving and get a instant episode i dont rember were i am just for a few seconds i def dont like this new crap it scares the heck out of me im on dilantin 400 mg amd i even had issues i would be standing at counter at work everything goes black and i asked if the electric went out and co workers would give me the weirdest look and i realize it was just me..

Re: Silent Seizures

I've experienced this type of thing. I've experienced it leading to tonic-clonic seizures too. I've been quite a bit like this today. There are times when it's a sort of tunnel-sensation, like a daydreaming, but more like a weightless loss-of-contact and not so much an imagination thing. My mind maintains a state of awareness, to a degree. I can't quite ascertain how aware I am, but I am aware. And there isn't quite a way to come out of it by will, like one can in a daydream. If there's conversation going on I can't really tell what's going on unless it's a shorter span of time after which I can piece it together. After my tonic-clonic seizures I have always had a span when my memory is gone. I couldn't remember my friend's name last time, the friend I was at the movie with. But then also I haven't had much in terms of consciousness during those periods. And I have been better about just accepting these things happening and not feeling bad, guilty, fault... but then also I have been more diligent about doing some things to keep myself healthier and mentally attuned also.

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I too, get the tunnel sensation, almost like daydreaming, but you can't do anything until it's done, often times while on the computer, reading, or watching tv.

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I completely understand your description of tunnel sensations.....I thought it was just me tuning out....I am reading more and more here and saying yes, yes, yes to so many of everyone's posts.  It is almost scaring me more nature I want all the information I can get my hands on, but sometimes it goes on overload when in reference to my new diagnosis of epilepsy.  I too have had the staring spells, with the same outcomes when others have witnessed them....this is all so life changing and dramatic.