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Seizure drop attacks

 I am wanting to find out if anyone else who has ever had drop attacks where you suddenly fall in the floor.I didn't have a seizure for awhile,and then I one day had 4 in that one day.It was very scary for me.I wanted to see if anyone else has ever had a a drop attack before.


yes, my daughter(24) falls straight back. And yes, it makes your heart stop to see it (or hear it).

I usually have complex partials but a few times I was walking and instantly all muscles became stengthless.I fell down and forward,legs instantly gave away,ankles and knees dropped me down quicker then if I'd just fell forward.Luckly my hands hit before my face did. It felt like I was blown down so fast, without  any pain. u.  Timothy Baldwin

Hi Pat, 

I almost drowned the first time I had a seizure. The shower was gushing and I dropped to the shower floor and I thought I was going to drown. Happily, I shoved myself against the door, before I passed out and came to with my head on the floor and my body slug over the transom. Scary stuff.      Phylis Feiner Johnson

Hm i've fainted a few times, but I don't know if it was fainting or a seizure. I've had one observed seizure wshich makes me wonder about the "fainting"

I am pretty lucky, every time I've had a drop seizure I was sitting down, so I didn't drop. However I do usually have to be carried somewhere to lay down.

I was always told I had partial-complex seizures.  When I was recorded one time the Epileptologist said that I fell, easily.  I told him that is what I was trying to tell him.  Now they never take me off the medications when they monitor me.

  It was suggested to wear a sponge like helmet when my seizures were out of control. A friend of mine has the same thing.  When we are under stress our seizures fluster and we have these attacks and get up and try to do our normal activities.  

  My chin, my jaw hurts a lot.  Recently its my hip and shoulder.  My Orthopedist knows me well.  I have broken things. I have broken right hand, right leg et al.  Most of the time, ICE, ice ice and the pain will go away.  I am grateful nothing serious.

  THe  Epileptologist are doing their best.  I just have to remember to get enough sleep and eat right.  Stress is crap for anyone so take it easy on yourself.  If your body if fighting a flu, your seizure activity might be up.  This cold weather season is a challenge.  Take it easy on yourself!

My son started having them in November. He was diagnosed as E four years ago at nearly 18, always down the left side.. arm/leg.  I happened to be looking straight into his eyes recently when a drop attack hit. It's stunning. He hit the floor faster than I could move to help. He says he is aware the entire time. He is scheduled for Right Frontal Lobe surgery on the 21 rst of this month. In fact we meet the surgeon tommorrow.

The drop attacks sometimes cause his body to go limp and gently crumple and fall, others forced to the cround and then it looked as if someone walked over and lifted hime and pushed him backwards again, or the just cause a super fast free fall - as many as 10 in a day. Doc's added Kepra (4rth med) and also emergency Lorazepam to break those cycles. But the the arrival of drop attacks certainly let us know that all surgery needed to be looked at. The meds weren't stopping it.

I've had seizures where I've dropped to the floor. I've never hurt myself so I'm glad for that.

My dad has 'drop attacks' according to a doctor. My dad, who is in his early fourties, has been having these attacks for several years, although they were not nearly as bad about six or seven years ago. His attacks are primarily caused from panic and anxiety. When he has an attack, he can usually start to feel it before he 'drops.' He loses expression on his face and starts feeling real panicky. Sometimes he can pull through the anxiety without an attack, but most of the time when it hits him, he falls out, where ever he is at (he has fallen in the kitchen, outside, in the garage, sitting on the couch, etc.) And when he goes down, he falls hard. When he falls he passes out for a quick moment, and then he comes-to, but he cannot use any of his muscles... not his hands, mouth, legs, nothing!.. but he can hear. Most of the time he will start to cry, mostly because they just make him so upset, and sometimes he will start to get sick, so we have to make sure to get him onto his side when that happens. These attacks usually last anywhere from thirty minutes to an hour, and sometimes the side effects afterwards will last up through the next day. The first sign that he is pulling out of one of these attacks is he will start to twitch his hands and touch his fingers together to start getting muscle control back.

He has been to all kinds of doctors and gone through several tests and scans, and we have never been told a definite answer on why he has these attacks, and we've been searching for years. He went to the ER last week because he was having trouble with his neck and that's when we heard the term 'drop attacks' for the first time. From what I have read about drop attacks, they seem more like a symptom of something rather than a diagnosis. These attacks he has are very much like a seizure, but they're not epileptic, and he doesn't lose bladder control. I've also considered it to be similar to a TIA, or a mini stroke, but he doesn't usually have numbness to one side, he just loses all muscle control.

I am hoping to network with other people that have experienced similar things to try to find an answer to these attacks. My dad is on several medications, I wish they could find one to help him fight off these attacks, because as he gets older these falls of his are going to be more detrimental to his health.

Has anybody ever experienced something this severe?

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