Prison Abuse

This is a story of a staggering atrocity that a woman seeking help, wrote to me at my website.

Here is her story:

"My 24 year old son began having grand mal seizures about nine years ago. Until 5 and a half years ago they were very far apart, and his doctor's recommended not to medicate him, explaining that the seizures may disappear completely as he ages as mysteriously as they began.

Then something horrible happened. He was charged with a crime he did not commit (which although his attorney compiled evidence clearing him, he was frightened into taking a plea bargain for 10 years in prison the night before he was to enter the not guilty plea).

The problem with his epilepsy was that on the actual night of his arrest, the officers interrogating him (who did not like his answers because they did not fit their theory of the crime) forced him to stand up for 12 hours straight without food or water in hopes of 'cracking' him.

The result of this was that he fell into a grand mal seizure in which he did not breathe for 10 minutes, and received a concussion. Instead of getting medical help, he was tossed in a cell and left to recover on his own.

This was to change the severity and frequency of his seizures permanantly. It is also probably related to the prosecutor's ability to maniputate him into a plea bargain months later which would never have stood if the case had been heard by a judge or jury.

My son has already served over half of his sentence, and has been brought back to life dozens of times by prison EMTs. He has been on lethal doses of Tegretol, Dilantin, and now Dilantin and Lamictal (300 mg &amp; 400 mg per day each, respectively). I never know if my phone conversations with him will be my last.

My question is this, when the current dosage levels of these drugs quit working, and they will, is there any other medication being tested now that would be worth the risks, and have they found any effective substances for epileptics that do not cause Steven's-Johnson Syndrome?

Right now my son's seizures come in 3's, and always deprive him of oxygen and often cause injuries that in themselves are life threatening. Can you give me info on where I can find out about cutting-edge research on S-J syndrome and medications, including human studies being conducted? Is there anything known that might help keep him from getting Steven's-Johnson?"

I gave her several links, a list of anti epilepsy drugs (anti-epileptic drugs) with their possible side-effects: http://www.webmd.com/epilepsy/medica...treat-seizures

I also included a site that helps give information for prisoners who suffer from epilepsy:

And another website with a table of epilepsy drugs, brand names, average dose, treatment and possible side effects: http://www.epilepsysociety.org.uk/Ab...gsusedinadults

I also urged her to call her local State Representative and Congressman. Do you think she has any other recourse?






Re: Prison Abuse

Another bizarre subject to post.

Re: Prison Abuse

Hi jonah,

Do you think people who tell me that I should call them if I'm unconscious make a valid request? Of course, the government knows that all epileptics have access to phones, since none of them have called their number to report that they can't call the number.

If a person is in the USA, they better not have a suspicious seizure near an ICE agent, or they might regain consciousness on another contintent. Then, Sheriff Joe might only stuff garbage down their throat and laugh at the jail-issue pink underwear. There's a rumor that water-boarding cures epilepsy by CIA and Arizona standards.


Re: Prison Abuse

Tadzio, your comments almost send me into a seizure!  What the bleep is wrong with you.  I don't think I am the only one who doesn't get what you say.  The "pink underwear" comment and the wording you use that makes no sense what so ever!!!!   You need to check your med dose too.

Re: Prison Abuse

Hi jonah,

I'm sorry that you find everything as a bizarre subject in relation to epilepsy, but epilepsy doesn't show purposeful preference itself across the human population and human practices.

I live in the USA and I have dealt with plenty of Federal agencies and courts over the issues involving epilepsy. The State of California became involved with the administration of Medicaid and the State Vocational Rehabilitation Department.

Very bizarre and inhuman things occur in this great country. Elsewhere, this country calls such things crimes against humanity. People with epilepsy experience these atrocities at a much higher frequency because they are regarded as having something "wrong" with them that results from levels of prejudice over epilepsy.

In most states, having a seizure is technically illegal, and while prosecutions are not many, they do happen. When prosecutions do happen, many states only allow the insanity defense, which strongly implies that the government itself regards epilepsy as a form of mental illness, in addition to the prejudiced public.

If you have access to google, and know how to use a search engine, you should google "Sheriff Joe" and see if you can find any clues beyond already knowing everything, or having to have everything spelled-out in such extreme simplicity that infinity isn't long enough.

I wish you were with me when I met the Ombudsman for the IRS. The Ombudsman was the one in the same person as the person who was the Special Investigator for Discrimination complaints under the Rehabilitation Act involving the hiring practices of the IRS. Before the Investigator could start the investigation, both myself and the Ombudsman had to me present. Since the Investigator and Ombudsman was the same person, a person who could only perform the official duties of her asignment when she was officially functioning as that person, the ternary meeting was impossible. Therefore, I had to get a federal order just to "exhaust administrative remedies" past the "Gestapo-boot-in-the face" level. I did get advance warning from an IRS Revenue Officer that I was dealing with the American Gestapo, so I should have expected as much. This might be difficult to explain to any person who has to call information to get the number for 911.

If the book "Catch-22" by Joseph Heller is too difficult, maybe you can watch the movie "Catch-22."

The ICE part is reference to many legal cases in newspapers over the years about peoply being deported, despite their being citizens, because they're neurologically impaired enough to be unable to immediately prove their citizenship.

And yes, many epileptic people in the USA are imprisoned, and their improper epileptic behavior around seizures result in additional punishments, including severe aversive conditioning so the prisoner will "choose" not to have improper seizures, which has often resulted in death. One case in Arizona involved an epileptic who was punished by being falsely labeled a child molester and then "inadvertently" left alone with known violent prisoners while the sheriff conveniently was looking the other way, but forgot his own video camera was still operating.

The New York Times also has plenty of articles about prisoners with health problems similar to, and including epilepsy, that have been left to die despite repeated warnings. Many articles about epileptics being shipped to foreign countries because they're too expensive for the hospitals' budgets have also been reported.

Then, one Federal Judge threw my legal case out because a seizure interrupted my speech in responding to his questions. And the case was about required accommodations for people with epilepsy!!! Of course he could always blame it on medication levels. Epileptics are convenient to take the blame for everything that goes wrong, besides none of them can remember anything anyways is a popular prejudice, so why not blame them instead of taking your own universal medicine???


Re: Prison Abuse


If you do not understand, perhaps you should ask before you criticise.

Baruch Hashem and I'm writing on Shabbos.  I've been having a lot of seizures so I'm hypergraphic and I am isolated and alone and the internet is a poor substitute for human companionship, but it's all I've got.

Hoshia na.

Devorah Zealot Soodak http://psychout.typepad.com/ the zealot needs help!

Re: Prison Abuse

Hi Phylis,

Has anyone elsewhere found any other recourse with these horrendous problems?


Re: Prison Abuse


Good question.  My problem is the writing thing.  I tell them I am impaired, that I need to be interviewed, but "we don''t do that."

I also don't have a mailing addess so they can't mail me comlain forms, which I probably couldn't fill out anyhow.

I also have a problem with that "call if you're unconscious" thing.  I've been given similarly ludicrous directives.  Call 911 if you're having a Grand Mal seizure.  Yeah, right.  Once it's over, "Well, you're fine now."

The last time I was in the AtlantiCare ER the doc gave me a cursory neuro exam, which was terminated the minute he detected a problem.  I knew he found it because I was closely monitoring his reactions.  His pupils dilated and he immediately ended physical contact and literally jumped back away from me.

I was post-ictal and suffering terrible paraesthesia and weakness especially in my right arm.  He noticed all right.  If you remember, AtlantiCare equals Jewish Family Service in Atlantic County New Jersey.

The ER nurse had already accused me of "faking" the seizure.

Baruch Hashem.  Hoshia na.

Devorah Zealot Soodak http://psychout.typepad.com/ the zealot needs help!

P.S.  Please look at my censored comment on your ADA forum http://my.epilepsy.com/node/992026#comment-1038406   I had a h-ll of a time getting it passed the slam, spam, no thank you m'am, c-nsor trap and then it took me three tries to get past the captcha gotcha.

Re: Prison Abuse

Hi Phylis,

The post-ictal behaviour after a seizure is one of the most frequent stages involving discrimination and abuse by law enforcement officers. One occurrence of phenomena very similar to frequent post-ictal behaviour after strong seizures is the well documented case of Scott Norberg, who was alledgedly withdrawing from the effects of illegal drugs while suffering seizures, effects often of same phenomena like post-ictals. A negative summary is at: http://www.arpaio.com/blood-on-hands/3.php

Some citations list the videos and legal documents as available on the internet with 80 or so similar cases just in Arizona.


Re: Prison Abuse

Hi Phylis,

Have you heard anything more about the legal case mentioned as "Daughters Blame Sheriff Arpaio for Dad's Death" involving the AED Keppra???




Re: Prison Abuse

No Tadzio, I haven't heard anything more.  But thanks for the links.  The stories are appaling!    Phylis Feiner Johnson www.epilepsytalk.com


Re: Prison Abuse


I wish you would start a forum on hospital abuse.  I have been denied food, meds, sleep, needed medical care, etc., and not just in psych hospitals.

I am constantly accused of "faking" seizures even though I have a diagnosis of epilepsy, which someone always seems to be trying to take away from me.  The fact is I had multiple unprovoked seizures by the time I turned five!  Now that I'm 55, I've lost track of how many I have in one week.

I have woken up in four point restraints.  Been injected with medication that caused me to have Grand Mal seizures.  I have also been on toxic doses of AEDs, which is part of the reason why I am now so physically ill.

Prisons get more attention, but the problem is much worse in hospitals, especially once you add the word psychiatric.

If you have a psychiatric diagnosis, it is not safe to go to a medical ER for treatment, because if they are under census in psych or have a sweet-heart deal with another hospital, you will be denied medical treatment, "cleared," illegally committed, denied treatement, and be given mistreatment and abuse.

It has happened to me and countless others.  If my circumstances were different and I were not so traumatised that I cannot face the details, I would have lodged formal complaints with the New York State Inspector General's Office among others.  I have already spoken to them and they are expecting snail mail complaints.

I don't know if you've noticed that I'm light on specifics.  I have to protect myself.  I will eventually, I pray, be able to put my story together in a precise and cogent manner and file appropriate complaints.

Laws are being broken, rights are being violated and denied, people like me are sick and dying or dead.

This is an extremely serious issue.  Please take a look at it.

Baruch Hashem.  Hoshia na.

Devorah Zealot Soodak http://psychout.typepad.com/ the zealot needs help!

Re: Prison Abuse

That is an important topic for a column.  Thanks for the idea.  I'll put it in my thinking cap and do some research when I have the time.

Thanks lots!       Phylis Feiner Johnson    www.epilepsytalk.com


Re: Prison Abuse


Thank you.  Sunshine is the only cure.

I don't think you have much free time, but I believe that some how you will make some.

The more voices, the greater the chance that something will be done.

My blog is somewhat disorganised because of the increasing severity of my impediments due to my increasing seizure rate.  I pray that you read it and find stuff you can use in there because I have put together a lot of things.  I just somehow can't quite tie it all together.  I'll get there if I live long enough.

Baruch Hashem.  Hoshia na.

Devorah Zealot Soodak http://psychout.typepad.com/ the zealot needs help!

P.S.  Here are links to my two latest posts:

Epilepsy Carpe Diem:  Images of Auras of Temporal Lobe Epilepsy


Epilepsy Carpe Diem:  Images of New York State Police Cars and Google Searches


There's more to them than meets the eye.  I'm having trouble writing and putting stuff together so I have to do it this way.  Sometimes the shortest distance between two points isn't a two-dimensional line.

Re: Prison Abuse

Well folks, I've been researching hospital abuse since I last signed off.  Not too many stories published.  (I wonder why!)  Remember, the article above was taken from a letter that the mom sent to me. 

So I'm going to keep snooping for "live" stories and then go on to the private stories, too horrific to believe. 

Any other ideas?     Phylis Feiner Johnson    www.epilepsytalk.com


Re: Prison Abuse


There is a link I got past the slam spam censor before they choked it down some more.  Tadzio also posted some good links on a comment to my blog that he couldn't get through the censor here.

Here is the link to my comment with the link to the Harborview Horror:  http://my.epilepsy.com/node/992026#comment-1038217

Here is the link to my blog post with Tadzio's unexpurgated comment:  http://psychout.typepad.com/blog/2010/10/new-york-state-office-of-mental-health-police-google-search-omh-safety-van-harlem-photo-car-image.html

Yeah, I wonder why too (not).  Hospitals use HIPAA as a shield law to protect themselves, not patients.  I've read the statute.  They can forward whatever they like whenever they like without your prior knowlege or consent.  You have the right to view your HIPAA referral packet and submit a written addendum to be attached permanenty to it.

The only time I was able to accomplish this on a one-time basis was when I added a stipulation to the consent form I signed for my HRA housing application that the consent was conditional based on my being allowed to attach the addendum as per my Federal HIPAA rights.  They (the New York State Office of Mental Health) had no choice but to comply.

It did me no good because they basically sabotaged the application.  It was wrong from where I was born to my current address!  Just about everything in between as well.  I really need to write that letter to the New York State Inspector General's Office, but the specifics of traumatic experiences are too difficult to write.

The only time I can write somewhat fluently is when I am "conversing" with someone as I am now.  Sitting and writing a documentary statement is beyond my capabilities right now.  I am really in a bind.

Thanks for the interest.  Maybe you can look at some of the searches in my blog and see what they turn up.  My Favorite Searches at the bottom of the left hand column of the blog has links to searches.  Some of the posts do too.  The link to the Harborview Horror popped in one of my searches so I put it in the blog.

You have to be really creative with search queries to find what you need.  The internet is most definitely censored.  You wouldn't believe some of the stuff I've seen.  Some of it is in the blog.  It can get pretty tech geek, but the censorship is one of the major themes of the blog.  

I had first page Google search rankings and my caches have been trashed so I've slipped.  I'll get back up there, but I'm too sick to launch an all out blitz.   I do know how.

Feel free to comment on my blog posts.  I can also freely reply to you there and not worry about links being censored as "spam."  We can't even talk about fr-- movies anymore on this site.  The weather' kinda cold to sit in the park and watch them now anyway.

The headline stuff is usually wrongful death suits.  No one cares unless they can make money from it.  I watched with my own eyes as hospital staff stepped over a woman who was prostrate on the floor as if she were a piece of garbage they didn't want stuck to their shoes in Woodhull Hospital in Bed-Stuy Brooklyn where I used to live.  I walked out of the ER.  I figured no one was watching.  I was right.

I call it Hellhole Hospital.  The natives call it Deathhole hospital.  The Police and EMTs call it Woodkill Hospital.  Same diff. 

You know what their excuse was?  "She's just an alcolholic!"  She's just a cash cow. 

They have a 133 bed psych unit, a 29 bed drug detox unit, and a 29 bed alcohol detox unit.  "Oh, she keeps coming back to dry out so she can have a cheaper habit."  No, she keeps coming back because she wants help and you're not giving her what she needs.  And you're taking money to abuse her.

I hope you took a look at my new posts.  Thanks again.

Baruch Hashem.  Hoshia na.

Devorah Zealot Soodak http://psychout.typepad.com/ the zealot needs help!

P.S.  If you want horror stories, maybe you can listen to mine.  I have the goods to back it up.  I can document abuse involving Class II Controlled Substances.   I don't think those med records can be tamplered with.  I have seen evidence of electronic chart tampering and went to the Kings County District Attorney's Office about it.   I think that may be part of the reason "they kept putting me away."

The hospital involved uses a vendor supplied system and the vendors keep audit trails to protect themselves.  I have tried to follow through on this stuff, but I keep getting sick (physically) and then I kept getting quite illegally thrown in the bin.

In New York State you need a Two Physician Certificate.   I spent 77 days in the Hospital on a 2PC signed by a Nurse Practicioner who cannot do so who claimed I was suicidal when I was not and said so.  There had been a fire in my apartment so I needed to go to the one Hospital in NYC that had my meds.  The Red Cross ratted me out and then I couldn't leave the borough to go to Manhattan to the Hospital that had my medication.

The Red Cross are another story.  I don't know anyone they helped, but I know a lot of people they screwed.

I've got much more.  I just can't fill out forms and coming up with the specifics gives me headaches.  I really need help.

Re: Prison Abuse

Arthur (my husband) and I brainstormed Friday night and that's just what I'm going to research next: Epilepsy Lawsuits...Hospital Epilepsy Malpractice...and Wrongful Death Suits.  Lawyers love to talk, so I figured I'd try to take that tack.

What do you think?     Phylis Feiner Johnson    www.epilepsytalk.com


Re: Prison Abuse


Excellent idea.  Lawyers do love to talk.  While I was working, I used to stop and have dinner at a local watering hole right across the street from the Kings County Court House.  The ex-parte communications were mind-boggling!

Once it's in court, unless a non-disclosure agreement is part of the settlement, it's fair game.  I actually was on a jury for a psych mal case of all things about 30 years ago.  It was different then.  You could get a case like that to court.  Now, no lawyer will take one.

I actually called the New York City Civil Liberties Union.  After asking me what my disability was (how illegal is that), they proceeded to discriminate against me on the basis of my disability!  I am one of many epileptics saddled with a psych dx and I can't get my disability changed from psych to epilepsy without a good neurologist.

If I ever was bipolar, I am now in full remission because of mother nature's ECT.  My brains are too fried to be bi-polar.  They've tried to turn me into a paranoid schizophrenic, but you can't make a sow's ear out of a silk purse.  These "doctors" are delusional.

Maybe I'll try wriing to ProPublica again.  Your idea is a good one.  Maybe they can tell you what's going on with HIPAA and the RHIOs and all.  I think that's a big part of this.


Devorah Zealot Soodak http://psychout.typepad.com/ the zealot needs help!

P.S.  Everyone:  Links to my latest posts including pictures of my auras are here http://my.epilepsy.com/node/992444#comment-1038449


Re: Prison Abuse


Look at this list:

  • Warren Lammert: Chairman & Co-Founder; Founder, Granite Point Capital
  • Karen L. Bergman: Founder and Principal, BCC Partners
  • Joyce Cramer: President; Associate Research Scientist, Yale University School of Medicine
  • Orrin Devinsky, M.D.: Co-Founder; Vice President for Translational Programs; Scientific Advisory Board; Professor of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry and Director, NYU Comprehensive Epilepsy Center, New York University
  • Frank Fischer: President & CEO, NeuroPace, Inc.
  • Jacqueline French, M.D.: Vice President for Clinical Research; Chair, Scientific Advisory Board; Professor of Neurology, NYU Comprehensive Epilepsy Center, New York University; Director of the Epilepsy Study Consortium
  • May Liang: General Counsel and Chief Financial Officer for Open-Concept Systems, Inc.
  • Kevin Malone: President and Founder, Greenrock Research
  • Garry E. Menzel, Ph.D.: Chair, Business Advisory Board, Executive Vice President Corporate Development and Finance, Regulus Therapeutics
  • David A. Sadock: President & CEO, Ethos Health Communications
  • Nancy Santilli, B.S.N., M.S.N.: VP Commercial Strategy and Portfoloio Planning, Endo Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
  • Howard Soule, Ph.D.:  Executive Vice President and Chief Science Officer, Prostate Cancer Foundation; Senior Fellow, Milken Institute
  • Linda Warner: Relocation Specialist, Coldwell Banker Burnet
  • Kim Macher: (ex officio) Executive Director, Epilepsy Therapy Project

Continue to: Scientific Advisory Board

This is also a huge part of the problem.  Look at who these people are, their affiliations, and what their financial interests are.  Therein lies the crux of the problem.

Baruch Hashem.  Hoshia na.

Devorah Zealot Soodak http://psychout.typepad.com/ the zealot needs help!

P.S.  Is this why nyu-epi is still allowed to troll this site directly soliciting bodies for research projects?

P.P.S.  This post is triggering the captcha gotcha!

Re: Prison Abuse


Get a load of this:


I think it might be a gold mine.  I haven't snooped around much yet.  You may know these people already.

Devorah Zealot Soodak http://psychout.typepad.com/ the zealot needs help!

Re: Prison Abuse


I still think talking to the lawyers is a good idea because their take is very important.  Please read my comment that is now below Tadzio's.

Tadzio, I'm not at all surprised to see that you have all the links stored.  That is one of the reasons why I'm so upset about the stolen or otherwise strayed devices:  I lost my data and a lot of those data were links.

Phylis, there are a lot of reasons you can't find the stuff.  I don't have to spell it out for you because I'm pretty sure you've figured it out.  But I'm a geek and you're not, so I know my way around a search engine.

Please read my latest post: 

Patient Psychiatric Abuse and Mental Patient Psychiatric Abuse: The Jewish Zealot Epileptic Lunatic Leper Lets Google Do the Walking!


This whole thing is much too traumatising for me.  Just getting the searches up there and reading the "headlines" made me sick.  Maybe you can find stuff you can use there and ideas for your own searches.

Baruch Hashem.  Hoshia na. 

Devorah Zealot Soodak http://psychout.typepad.com/ the zealot needs help!

Re: Prison Abuse


Someone already wrote the book!

Amazon.com: From Snake Pits To Cash Cows: Politics And Public Institutions In New York (9780791464397): Paul J. Castellani: Books.

Devorah Zealot Soodak http://psychout.typepad.com/ the zealot needs help!

P.S.  I pray that you are not offended by the Phyllis Diller remark in my comment response to Tadzio on my blog.   I was very upset when I wrote it and did not yet know who you are or why you were reacting the way you did.  I believe we've both learned a lot since then.

Re: Prison Abuse


I just tried narrowing down those searches to those that mention epilepsy.  Wow!  The epilepsy thought police are hard at work.  And the ugly PNES thing creeps in. 

I'm tinkering with the advanced searches and will most likely resort to writing the queries by hand.  At least I know where to start to get a base result set.

My docs would rather ignore epileptiform activity on my EEG, base line EEG abnormalities, Video evidence of seizures, and evidence of seizures via direct examination than admit that a woman with a history of traumatic sexual abuse could actually have epilepsy. 

I don't believe there's such a thing as PNES anyway.  I think it's more blame the victim for something we don't want to understand.   Maybe the rat-bastards are perverts, too.

I also think that Columbia Presbyterian are trying very hard to avoid a criminal prosecution involving falsifying medical records involving Class II Controlled Substances.  They changed my med orders from eight to 14 milligrams a day of IM Lorazepam at two milligrams a pop to two milligrams PO HS and illegally shipped me up to State Psychiatric Hospital Hell at Rockland Pschiatric Center, which is run by my favorite folks at the New York State Office of Mental Health.

I made sure I showed everyone the injection site bruising and told my doctor.  She checked with the folks at CP, of course, and they lied.  I went through acute benzo withdrawal and suffered permanent damage.  I had to teach myself how to write again. 

I actually convinced my docs that a psych patient was telling the truth and that the August Columbia Presbyterian Hospital was lying.  Quite a feat for a patient in a State Bin.

That is only one of the horrible things they did to me.  I really have to write that letter to the New York State Inspector General's Office.

Devorah Zealot Soodak http://psychout.typepad.com/ the zealot needs help!

Re: Prison Abuse


My latest blog post: 

Epilepsy Carpe Diem: Psychiatric Patient Abuse Google Searching for Answers

I've got a new google search in there that actually turns up some stuff.  I'm working on another.  I hand-wrote that search query.  It's not so easy to do.  The advanced search does not generate correct search queries so I rarely bother with it except to see what it does come up with for other reasons.

I hope the query helps you find some useful stuff.

Thanks again for your interest in a topic that seems too hot to handle.  When I can deal I'm gonna tackle the PNES bullsh-t thing.  It's as bad as Freud's Electra Complex and just as abusive.

What happened to all of those research papers showing EEG evidence of temporal lobe epileptiform activity during dissociative episodes?  Hmmm...  I wonder... (not!) 

Devorah Zealot Soodak http://psychout.typepad.com/ the zealot needs help!

P.S.  I just got Slam, Spam, No thank you, M'am'ed.  It decided I was spam even though I filled out the captcha gotcha for trying to put in the link to my blog post.  I put it in the top of the old Ecstatic Seizures Forum so you'll have to get it there.

When are they going to white list my domain?  That is a standard practice.  I am not a spammer.  In fact, I just flagged another nyu-epi forum for directly soliciting users for research in direct violation of this sites policies.

Of course, Mr. Lambert is from NYU so I understand why nyu-epi is still allowed to prowl.

Re: Prison Abuse


I tried to reply to your original forum, but got spam slammed.

I posted the text in a reply to a comment from Tadzio on my blog.  Read it here:


Now I have to pray that this reply doesn't get censored as well.

Baruch Hashem.  Hoshia na.

P.S.  The Censor trap would no longer allow me to post the links to my own blog! that I had already posted here:


Devorah Zealot Soodak http://psychout.typepad.com/   the zealot needs help!

Re: Prison Abuse

Hi Zealot,

In the criminal case appeal at:


the Federal Appeals Court inadvertently acknowledges that a jury pool already filtered for prejudice involving TLE, is still more than 90% biased involving TLE: "The magistrate judge's report and the district court's opinion focus too narrowly on the beneficial aspects of the TLE evidence, while overlooking its many drawbacks."

The Courts held that it is not unreasonable to assume that prejudice involved with TLE is so intense, as to make it a well informed decision to hide it!!!

If prejudice with TLE is so self-evident, why are we required to repeatedly prove it in "soft" civil matters???

I hope the ADAAA protects me better than the ADA with my GPS unit: http://host.madison.com/news/article_b8d8d5e9-c0cb-5eb4-8cb6-de7884405f3...


Re: Prison Abuse


Thanks for the comment:


I've written you a reply...


...on my blog post:  Escaped Mental Patient:  Why Can't the Jewish Zealot Epileptic Leper Escape From the Lunacy of the New York Office of Mental Health?


This stuff with the ADA and the new, improved ADAAA all sounds like Catch 22, Kafka, or Gogol, which ever you prefer.  If you could ask Joseph Heller or the other two which one you should read, they'd all tell you the same thing:  It doesn't matter because it's all an exercise in futility anyway.

I've given up hoping.  I just pray.

Baruch Hashem.  Hoshia na.

Devorah Zealot Soodak http://psychout.typepad.com/ the zealot needs help!

P.S.  My latest blog post:   Epilepsy Carpe Diem:  Psychiatric Patient Abuse Google Searching for Answers


Re: Prison Abuse


Hi Phylis,

The Federal Complaint about "Daughters Blame Sheriff Arpaio for Dad's Death" involving the AED Keppra, finally appeared in one search as:


As a secondarily generalized tonic-clonic resulted in the frontal subdural hematoma that gave me my moniker "3Hours2Live", the possibly fatal attempted "dumping" (page 9 line 20), after a "man down" (page 6, line 10), reflects the reality status of daydreams of Human Rights in the USA and in the State of Arizona.

(Abrupt discontinuation of Keppra can increase the frequency of seizures.) page 5, lines 10-11.

Mr. Ph*****pi continued to have “witnessed” seizures when his Keppra was not given throughout his period of incarceration. CHS also had Mr. Ph*****pi’s records from CIGNA medical group documenting his seizure disorder. page 5, lines 19-21.

At his intake on April 6, 2009, Mr. Ph*****pi reported that he had a history of seizures and was taking Keppra. Defendant J. A***** noted that Mr. Ph*****pi appeared to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Mr. Ph*****pi was at high risk for alcohol withdrawal, but Defendant J. A***** did not refer him for assessment or treatment, or otherwise make provision for his medication and safety. page 5, lines 22-26.

Rather, shortly after 10:00 a.m. on April 7, an unknown intake officer assigned Mr. Ph*****pi to Release Tank 1. Release Tank 1 has concrete floors, walls and barriers, constituting a particular danger to persons suffering from seizures. page 6, lines 1-3.

Ultimately, a “man down” was called around 11:30 a.m. when inmates banged on the cell door to attract the attention of detention officers. page 6, lines 10-11.

In his call seeking medical transportation, Defendant Mc***** made it explicitly clear that the County was not to be billed for the medical services. page 7, lines 7-8.

Upon admission, Mr. Ph*****pi had a Glasgow Coma Scale of 4 and was found to have a massive subdural hematoma with very poor neurological prognosis. Life support was discontinued on April 8, 2009. page 7, lines 18-20.

Utilizing a “quick release” procedure to dump inmates with significant and emergent medical conditions so that any emergency medical provision would become the financial responsibility of the “released” inmate rather than the County, even if the medical condition was sustained within the Maricopa County Jail. Page 9, lines 20-24.




Re: Prison Abuse


Hi Phylis,

Another blog at epilepsy-dot-com cites police response to seizures in public places.

Some legal cases filed/pending recently include (the fox59 one include more relevant viewers' comments on page 2 of the comments):



I carry digital recording units with GPS with me all the time, and sometimes it's amazing what people will say to a person/each-other during a seizure. With cell phones triggered to upload the possible events, I hope technology/prices makes it possible soon for video too. Some States try to make recordings illegal (at least in "private"), but the ADA legal battle over such as "reasonable accommodation" will probably end up in federal court someday. In the USA, I had to get a permission slip from my doctor to use a GPS in many places, since resultant brain damage from a TC impaired my memory for new locations/directions.

Most of my legal encounters with law enforcement, involving incidents weighted with my epilepsy, have been much more Platonic, but Plato's most famous teacher lastly adjudicatedly drank hemlock.

As one of my job counselors told me, I was suing the police, when I filed discrimination claims against the FDIC, OPM, and the IRS under the Rehabilitation Act/(now& ADAAA). I was suing over employment discrimination, so I was approaching the legal agents from a different direction, and it turned out to involve "eliciting incriminating evidence from recalcitrant bankers", but the legal enforcement entities were the ones who destroyed evidence, lost records, developed faulty memories, etc., and they developed, and cited, a vast set of unwritten rules they only followed when it happened to suit their immediate purpose, and were otherwise violated at any whim.

I followed logistical hints from the legal advice given to the agencies on how to "most efficiently handle" complaints of disability discrimination. The "most efficiently handle" philosophy was always a Catch-22, but a Catch-22 that necessarily relied on nit-picking the truth and facts into easily worthless dust. But their shirking the law with Catch-22 made each such tiny bit of dust a pivotal legal issue. Since I tended to be overly academic, whenever the government took a hard lump of truth and facts, and crumbled it up into dust easily dispersed by the faintest breeze into bits of viewed falsehoods, I used the law library as a broom and dustpan to regroup their product and present it back to them in the required format dictated by the Code of Federal Regulations. They didn't like the smell of their own product, so "yes" officially became to mean "no" in every step of adjudicated legal logic, and as the Greek mathematician Pythagoras before Plato is often cited as discovering, rationality with the law goes out the door as soon as the law itself crumbles to dust with the practiced Catch-22 leading to a necessarily reductio ad absurdum, while any knowledge that the Self-Evident Truths are being officially practiced as just nonsense, was, maybe only back then, a Capital Offense, without a modern Social-Contract.

The lawyer I tried to retain for my oral arguments in front of the Ninth Circuit Federal Court of Appeals, had the opinion that the government had spent well more than $200,000 in countering my legal actions over a ten year period, while I was only trying to obtain a trainee job position. It appears that government agencies despise people with epilepsy that much.


"Yossarian, they can prepare as many official reports as they want and choose whichever ones they need on any occasion. Didn't you know that?" "Catch-22" by Joseph Heller (S&S Classic Ed edition (October 5, 1999)), page 406.