Nocturnal Seizure symptoms

How do you know you've had a nocturnal seizure? 

Aside from the obvious such as your spouse waking you or waking with injuries, how would you know if you've had something less than a grand mal seizure during sleep?  

I often wake up in a pool of sweat from head to toe.  I always have to go to the bathroom upon waking and am somewhat disoriented at times (of course this could be because I'm still half asleep).  I'm only 39, so shouldn't be having hot flashes at this point in life. 

What are your signs that you've had a seizure during sleep, aside from obvious injuries?


Re: Nocturnal Seizure symptoms

Gina, I have found that if I have had a nocturnal seizure that I am very sore the next morning and am usually pretty well disoriented and find it difficult to do alot of the daily functions that require alot of thought. Your symptoms may be different because alot of it depends on where your seizures are coming from and what is actually happening during your seizures. In addition, you could also set up a camcorder or some type of tape to see what is happening during the night so that you would have an idea of what is happening especially if you wake up sore and disoriented.

Shelly Maire