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new to this forum and in the UK. absent seizures ?

Hi all .. well i am new here although i have been epileptic since 2007. my epilepsey was due to me having to under go life saving heart surgery .. but during the surgery they think i had either a blood clot go to my brain or i was strved of oxygen. the epilessy was finaly controlled with epilim and keppra. BUT i think im now having absent seizures . both my partner and my family have seen them, apparently i go very quiet or i mubble and smack my lips . then eventually i snap out of them .. normally its about 30 seconds ,but can be a couple of minuets. but i also get "funny turns" that i am aware that im having. i get some double vision and or the shakes down my arms . the abcent seizures totally wipe me out ! all i want to do is sleep .. thats how i know i have had one when no one is around to tell me that i have had one ! is anyone else having turns like these ? i know my epilesy was due to my heart opp . and it was controlled .. but its not now .. and im worried as the implications on my job and life are massive again ! 

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