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From Keppra to!

I had been taking keppra for about 3 weeks at a relatively low dose, but i was suffering from depersonalization (rare side effect) i started having panic attacks and kept thinking i was about to have a seizure at all times.

so my doctor switched me to klonopin...and i hate it so far! i just need to know if these side effects pass.

i completely sedated, i can barely walk. my pupils are completely dilated and i am so incredibly dizzy it's unbarable. i feel as if i'm going insane. my hearing will completely blank out for a second, come back, then blank out again. this happens quite often at night, and i'm worried its some new type of seizure.

if theres anyone with any experience with this drug...please help! i feel like everytime i take the pill its like taking poison! i have been on it for four days now.


When are you taking it?  My doctor has me on it at night because of my insomnia.  I am also on Keppra, Dilantin and Lamictal so I don't know which side effects are from what drug. 

I had strict instructions to only take Klonopin at night.  From what I understand it has a long half life so it will still be in your system at least part of the day after your nightly dose.

I hope something works for you soon!

I am on klonopin and have been for some three years for seizures.

I take it on first sign on the seizure, and not every day. I used other meds for every day med.

I fall asleep. I go to bed and just take it rather than deal with the seizures. Daily meds gave me too many side effects compared to this.

I cannot imagine taking this every day though - it leaves me asleep. Totally agree, this would leave you feeling like zombie. If they could make this one, with out that side effect it would be great. I have often thought this.

hi, my fiance has an as yet undiagnosed seizure disorder and they tried him on keppra, he lost it mentally and almost left me over the side effects, the doctors, at my request switched him to klonopin, and he responded well to it, i take it as well, but for generalized anxiety, and it controls 98% of my panic attacks. I was on ativan and the side effects were awful, so i really only noticed that I was sleepy on klonopin for about a week. Bill was sleepy quite a while longer than that but that was the only side effect either of us noticed. it did not have the full effect we wanted, but it cut his seizures from 50 to 60 a day in half, leaving mostly the more severe ones but almost eliminating the minor grandmall, and partial grandmal, as well as the petit mall seizures. but he was still having between 15 and 20 grandmal seizures a day, and of tose half were very severe. But as I said no doctor in our whole state has been able to find a cause for his seizures, every test they do comes back normal. It has been over a year and still no diagnosis. It is frustrating as hell, and he has gone from a man who did extreme storts in 2006 to a wheel chair, and severe memory loss as result of the seizures, plus three hurnias and multiple neck injuries from collapsing into the seizures. let me know what side effects you are having and maybe I may be able to help you deal with them, or find a way to eliviate them. Watch out for stomach medicines, drugs like tagamet, which is cimetidine can have an interaction with klonopin. I still take both but have found the interaction to be slight for me, but I take a low dose. call me if you want to 907-283-8197

wow, i'm so sorry about your fiance. in a way i can kinda simpathize, my tests come back all negative too. but 15 grand mals a day? i've never heard of anything like that! when did they start? doctors look at all the huge aspects but sometimes even the tiniest of things can cause them. like i would have seizures simply from eating ramen noodles because of the msg. so he's been checked for brain tumor?

have you asked your doctor about brain surgery? but find out when they started, maybe he's allergic to something. also, did his seizures increase throughout time? because mine increased from anxiety and post traumatic stress disorder. i was just put on cymbalta and i can already feel it bringing me back a bit. 

so they have done an EEG on him while he was having a seizure and it came back negative?


these are just crazy suggestions, but i thought i would throw them out there: maybe try a ketogenic diet....or even marijuana. i know that sounds really strange, but marijuana has a counter-effect on seizures. see if you can get prescription. have him try some on the onset of a seizure, it may stop it. it has worked for me before. but ask your doctor first. does he have any other illnesses?

Kewl I'd love to try marijuana.  I guess epilepsy means I can
since the worst thing already happened to me I might as well  give
that a shot because I lost everything two years ago might as well mess
the rest of it up.  Cause it just doesn't matter what I try to do
right everything goes wrong so I've decided just screw the rules who
cares about the damn consequences because they seem to hit me
destroying everything no matter what I do so that gives me permission
to break the rules since it can't be any worse than what I'm going
through now.  If you don't care about the consequences then there
aren't any.  I've done everything right never used illegals been
good and still everything has gone horribly wrong so the question hangs
in my mind why be good then?  What's the point?  I don't want
to set a bad example for the kids who are still struggling to go home
say there is no hope. You can't get out no matter what you do and you
might as well get high or completely wasted and forget the whole
thing.  That's not what I want to tell them or show
them.   I think I'll just help the ones that are so awful no
one wants them, the ones completely out of control who are the
teacher's worst nightmare since any change is an
improvement.   If they are already drinking beer, selling
drugs, getting into serious trouble and  are getting worse every
year those are the ones I'd want to help.   If you can't help
then you don't take any flack because they were toast according to the
system anyway. 


im a bit confused here. its not something you have to try, but do some research, alot of doctors even think its effective. and doing marijuana doesn't mean messing your life up, there is such a thing as prescription. i only brought the mj topic up because if NOTHING is really helping its worth a shot. smoking it isn't just a means to get "wasted" it can be helpful.

but like i said, its just a suggestion, im not telling everyone to go out and buy some!

i just dont seem to react well to meds, and the keto diet was too hard. but im off of keppra due to depersonalization disorder and im back on trileptal.

Medial marijuana is perscibed in pill form, I'm not going to say the name of it because of the fact that I may cause some people to go out looking for it when smoking marijuana is not for everybody and can cause some types of seizures to get worse!  Always and let me repeat this, Always talk to your Dr. before starting something new like smoking marijuana!  And let's not forget the fact that at this time marijuana is illegal!  They are trying to pass laws to make it legal but for the people whom are using it just for recreation or just to get stonned are ruining it for those of us whom really do need it medically!  Medical marijuana comes with a perscription not off of a street corner in a bag!

Common sense is not so common!

Hello Leslie my name is Tracy!  Klonopin was one of the first meds that I was put on and yes it does get better with-in a week or two!  I'm now addicted to Klonopin because I've been taking it for over 20 years now!  I wanted my Epileptologist to take me off of Klonopin because it wasn't working for me anymore and I wanted to start a family with my husband.  I had withdrawals like; I had the shakes, I couldn't eat because I was extremely sensitive to smell, I was always dizzy, I could barely walk because I had lost alot of weight and the fact that I was always dizzy, I can't remember but I think that I was paranoid all of the time too!  I have a terrible memory in general from all of the meds but my doc does blame most of my memory loss on Klonopin! 

I remember that when I first started taking klonopin I got lost going for a walk around the block, how funny is that!  After that episode I've always taken it just before bed.

I've also noticed that you like to turn to weed for your "epilepsy maintenance!"  have you ever discussed this with your Dr. because from past experiences I know that some meds have a reaction to THC!  I think that you should inform yourself on your epilepsy; find out exactly what kind of seizures you have, ask you doctor if any of your meds will have an interaction or reaction to THC!

There's also a topic in here called Respecting your Epilepsy that I think you, should read!  

well i'm glad it gets a little better over time, all i do is sleep. but at night i can't sleep at all because my mind races so much! i have flashbacks to dreams that i've had over 3 years ago and flashbacks to memories and i can't get to sleep! then eventually i completely pass out. i keep having the feeling of having a simple partial seizure, but no visual. i feel my brain tingling and something strange going on...but everything around me is normal. plus, my eyes are completely dilated!! i feel as if i'm going to have a seizure at any minute!

Relax girlie!  One of the number 1 keys to E. is relaxing so that you're mind can relax so that you don't have so many seizures!  The next time that you feel your mind racing like that picture yourself somewhere beautiful and relaxing like a beach with the waves gently washing over your feet and the warm sunshine on your face!  Give it a try and see how it works!  Remember to relax, you control your life, epilepsy shouldn't!

hey Leslie... man oh man can i ever relate.  I haven't had exposure to the drug klonopin, but i have been on keppra.  And it is entirely draining from going to one drug to the next and all you are wanting is hope.  The beginning is always terrible, just give it a chance.  I am currently on lamictal with keppra and i hate taking lamictal because i too feel like i am taking poison.  But i don't have a choice.  So i feel you girl.  Keep your head up and wait it through a bit.  I have given lamictal 8 months and still no joy so i am being wened off.  Let me know how you make out tho.  Good luck hun.



I have'nt  had Klonopin "yet" but I have had Valproate (which I am still taking  but at a lower dose), I have had Keppra and kept my mouth shut about the side effects and suffered because of it.  I also have tried lamictal but started getting the side effects pretty early.  So I shall tell you what I got told if you are suffering any side effects tell your doctor immediately. Why suffer any more than you have to!

Good luck !

plopdan u.k


I've used Klonopin for 10+years, but for other health reasons. I remember when I first started taking it, it knocked me out. I was dizzy, tuned out, my attention span was very short making driving difficult, and I stopped giving a darn about... well just about everything.

These side affects do not go away, you mostly just get use to them and compensate for the side affects.  The first thing I would suggest is to talk to your doctor about the dose and how often you should take the medication. It has a long life but I took smaller doses several times a day.

Klonopin causes short term memory problems so doing simple things like remembering a 10 digit phone number until you can write it down might be difficult. So you have to hit repeat on voice mail to get it all. When I had to take notes at a meeting I always used a recorder to compensate for the "missing" piece in my notes. 

You will also need to be very careful operating any kind of equipment or doing anything that requires good balance (be careful and work at paying close attention when using a lawn mower and stay off the roof of your house!) You can improve your balance by exercising. The stronger your core is the easier it is to balance, and practice makes perfect.

Best of luck



well great news (in a way) it turns out that i really just still have mono and that is why i feel so awful all of the time! so i am just taking off school.


i have also switch to a very low dose of trileptal now and that is the only medication for seizures that i take.


thanks everyone!! the klonopin was a great night time relaxer but too much for the day!

Happy to hear that leslie!  I'm glad that you only have mono type seizures, wish I did! 

Best of luck to you for your future and if you decide to go to college good luck with your studies!

Common sense is not so common!

Happy to hear that Leslie!  I'm glad that you only have mono type seizures, wish I did! 

Best of luck to you for your future and if you decide to go to college good luck with your studies!

Common sense is not so common!

I had some depression and PA's but the PA's are normal and the
depression wasn't bad.  I'm better since I shaved my head and met
you folks.  Since you guys gave meaning to a life that lost all
meaning 2 years ago.  Thanx for tolerating me even though I'm a
lunitic not the easiest person to get along with.  :)  
This Keppra stuff wipes me out. 

i started taking klonopin (keppra) about 2 months ago for panic attacks.  it made me feel similar to what you are going through now.  the doc had to lower my dosage until my body was used to it and after a few weeks he increased it and my body seemed to respond much better.  call your doc's office and get in to see him/her.

I just got back from my neurologist today..I was diagnosed 3 years ago with hydrocephalus, given a shunt  2 years ago, started having noticable seizures not long after..well we "started" noticing more i should say...though they were focal-type.  I might add, I'm 34 years old now, so the docs are finding this odd.  The seizures are now moving into a partial-complex seizure and some are a little convulsive.  Before all this hydrocephalus and seizure stuff i was an EMT, so I got to see all kinds of seizing!!!  Anyhow, I've been through the round-abouts on meds in these last 3 years, they have tried just about everything, my family has history of bi-polar, my sister is very schizophrenic, so there are some I ask them to refrain from.  The latest round and mix, that seems to be helping. Is 400 mg of Topamax AM/PM split  3000 Keppra AM/PM split  ( I know holy crappola huh)  and it wasn't kicking them I was still having 4 to 6 a week, so today andit made me shudder, they added that Klonopin to the mix .5 mg which is twice a day!  Talk about knockin a girl on her ass...I also take Propranolol, which works well for those of you who have chronic jitters and can't hold a glass or pen/pencil.  Very little side effects.  And I'm supposed to take Ambien too!!!  I get bad headaches from the hydro at times, on those moments, its a demerol and my room is turned into a cave, but I'm getting the feeling, I'm going to be a bear and in hibernation soon.  The Keppra and Top didn't have a mood issue as far as anger, but it made my TOLERANCE very low. I had to learn to walk away or hang up the phone and say, I'm going to my Kelly space, you are best to stay away.  Meditation, though it sounds silly, its key, not OM OM OM...just cllose your eyes, find your Peter fricken Pan happy place...think of it, imagine as many things about it as in as much exact the sand and the feel between your toes, counting the waves as they hit...block out the world...I do this for my daughter she is border bi-polar and I have her imagine writing in a journal, actually picking up a pencil and writing in her works...anyhowI have myspace if you all go there you can visit and see my pictures, I got some recent beach scenes of my vacation myspace/kelly774 if you need scenery advantage...go seizure folks whoot whoot we all need shoulders...and pillows!!!

I just wanted let you know you are not going insane. The panic attacks I had got worse day-by-day my sister called the dr and had me pulled of Keppra after aweek.The .5 Klonopin , dizzy, sedated, not thinking straight. very forgetfull, All the norm  for most of this junk....on top of the Klonopin, 200mg am/pm Topamax,     nabumetone 750mg am/pm,         warfarin 10mg/ pm,  Zonegran 300am/pm,neurontin300mgam/pm and the list goes on and on   talk to your Dr about ajusting your morning pill or pills. 1/2  am  1/2 noon 1 at bed. you may not so out of it. goood luck!!!!!!!!!! we all need it!!!!

I was on Klonopin for a few months back in 1995 for non-E problems. Worst stuff I've ever been on, it turned me into a zombie. I took myself off it and never saw that psychiatrist again. Good luck, and talk with your doc about the side effects.

so i recently just got pregnant and when I told my OB doctor that i was on Zonogram and Klonopin she was alittle iffy on the Zonogram but in complete shock that a doctor would put such a young girl (I am 22) on Klonopin. I was stunned at first, because It actually did work really well, but when she went on to tell me the side effects such as.. it can make you age in the face xtremely bad and drool on your self and was used mainly for people with psychological problems. I told her I was taking it for seizures, but also for panic attacks. The doctor told me there is lots of medicines out there to treat issues like this, and Klonopin and definatley not one of them. I was shocked and glad I did not get any bad side effects from taking this and I stopped taking this immediatley. What really got me was that the neurologist told me to continue to take the Zonogram and that it was okay being pregnant. when I did research on it.. it was categorized in one of the most worst medicne to take while being what a dumbass.

This is late but for future references and if anyone wanting answers reads this, an OB doctor is not a neurologist or epileptologist. I'm about to start Klonopin [my 3rd med] and ZonegraN was horrendous for me it made me depressed, lethargic and confused as well as many other things so did Lyrica along with making me have 10+ seizures a day and Tegretol gave me a rash and Lamictal after a good 10 or 11 years has failed me, my point? Everyone differs. I'm now on Keppra 3000mg and Vimpat 400mg, some people just need stronger stuff and Klonopin can help, it's to stop my constant morning episodes, sometimes I have 4 in one morning, incase you didn't know when one has a grand mal they are given a benzodiazepine [usually Ativan] which is very strong to stop it which Klonopin is, so your OB was wrong trying to play neuro that it isn't an epilepsy treatment, too. Depending on how you describe things to your neuro is what they will prescribe. Some people need it, others don't have it that bad, it is a sedative I repeat SEDATIVE so it should make you zombie like and tired. I am 20 and it has been prescribed, you're an adult, you're not 12 or such. Remember unless you're talking to a doctor who has had the proper training, don't take any advice too seriously. All epilepsy meds are bad for pregnancies. I have a friend who was on Klonopin for seizures and it worked wonders. If you don't like it, request a change. Please don't try to give advice from a OB doctor to other epileptics.

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