Is it a seizure or something else - seizure with burping

Hello all,

I'm new to the forum but would like to get your help in understanding what's going on.  A member of my family has had seizures since childhood and he's lived with it ever since.  The seizures were well under control through medication for most of his life.

However, over the past few years he's been struggling with a different kind of seizure (we think) than he's had in the past.  Previously his seizures would only occur when he's asleep and they were of the tonic-clonic variety.  Now they at all times of the day and are not the tonic-clonic type. 

What happens now goes something like the following:

1.  First he will start sniffing like he's a stuffed nose (like a cold).  This usually lasts only a few seconds

2.  Then he will start burping.  They're loud and come one after another in quick successions.  He's in full control of his muscle movements however can't really respond to anyone.  This usually lasts about 30 seconds and he can have 15 burps in a row

3.  When the burping if over he slowly gets back to normal and becomes fully responsive again.  However, he does feels a little tired afterwards.  Also he will not have any recollection of the event.

As I mentioned this happens at any time of the day.  Doesn't seem to be linked to any dietary issues.  He's seeing a specialist who is trying different types of medication.

I'm hoping I can connect with someone who has seen/heard of this type of seizure (if it in fact a seizure) or can point me to someone who may be able to help.

 Thank You