How does it feel like...


I have little bit strange ask for help. I have not epilepsy, my dog does. My little dog started to live with me 9 months ago, I adopted her from a dog shelter. Because of her illness she was never adopted before. Now she´s 6,5 yo. As soon as I adopted her, we started treatment, she´s in care of vet neurologist of course, has a medicine.

Unfortunatelly she does have seizures (grand mal), but now I am quite familiar, we have our routine how to solve seizures. But still: it´s a dog. I really miss some kind of "respond", her seizures have many stages and I can only assume how she´s feeling at the moment and how I can help her. To be exact, I am not sure if it helps her to hear a TV for example or my voice, I dunno if she appreciates cooling pads while overheated during the seizures, and not at least I would like to know the effect of different meds given as a shit and many others.....So far all is based on my instincts but I feel little bit uncomfortable.

And here it is.... I would really aprecciate the possibillity to discuss the issue (how does feel this and this) with someone with grand mal epilepsy seizures. Really, I don´t want to offend someone, I am not comparing health issues of a dog with health issues of people, I just need to understand. Please, if here is somebody willing to answer me several simple questions (doesn´t matter e-mail, Skype....) it would help me a lot. Let me know. I try to do anything I could to help my dog.