how do seizures cause death?

HI all! I understand, of course the obvious things, if you vomit and choke on it while seizing that type of thing. But how does a seizure cause death? I've been told this before and then reading the newletter in my email about flo-jo dying at age 38 because of a seizure while she slept, of course, I don't know the details of that but I just wondered. Why do we always have to go the hospital when we seize? I hate going to the ER and getting all doped up. I understand when I have what I call my 'big ones' because I go into status epilepticus and I need the medication to stop the postictal/seizures. But what about the regular seizure? Do you all go to the hospital all the time? And why are we suppose to? What is it that causes death from them?