How to describe an aura.

How would you describe an aura to someone who does not have epilepsy?


Also, what different types of auras do you have?


I get slightly different auras before tonic-clonics than I do before partials, or sometimes I have an aura that feels exactly like the warning before a tonic-clonic, but the tonic-clonic never occurs.



Re: How to describe an aura.

Auras are very difficult to for me describe.  Unfortunately, many times the only person who knows what they are is the person who is having them.  Because auras are personal experiences, you might have one that nobody else would relate to and this might make you feel embarrassed to discuss.  I was embarrassed to tell anyone about mine for a very long time.  Discussing them with your doctor can help, because they can help you rule out other factors and help you deal with what they mean for you.  Auras can be good or bad sensations, they can make you feel very strange, and some can be frightening.  If you are familiar enough with your auras then you begin to know what they are associated with.  It sounds like you have already discovered yours.  I'm so glad that your tonic clonic does not always occur with an aura.  I have the same experience.  I also have different types of auras.  I have auras associated with migraines and auras associated with seizure activity.  My siezure-related auras sometimes bring about a falling sensation even though I may be perfectly still and appear normal in my balance and activity.  The falling sensation is that I am falling into my body, or folding into myself.  That does not fully describe the aura, but it's the closest explanation I can put into words.  I have had other auras, such as the sensation that I am "outside of myself" or other odd physical sensations.  Sometimes these sensations are grouped together and happen almost simultaneously, which can be very alarming. My experience has been that not many people want to describe auras because the explanations sound so off the wall.  I hope my words have been helpful to you in some way.  I wish you the best in controlling your seizures.

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hello greek i just want to tell you that the reply that you had from whywait is realy enough to describe how to describe aura because i was having real trouble how to describe mine she said that some times she would feel that she was falling inside her self although she is standing still and thats exactely what happens to me but i ve never been able to describe it i also get auras and i feel that the bell is ringing that my seizure is coming ,but it dont so iguss that the previouse explaination had been useful to me and hopefuly to you to...........GOD BLESS YOU

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I guess that I would describe an aura as a time of life where I have no real knowlegde of what is going on around me although I can faintly see, hear and feel. I am out of touch with reality, have no idea of whether i was standing, sitting, or whether I was on the ground. It always starts with a sensation in my stomach and then goes to my mental state. As a child, I most always vomited during this time. Although I did not have a complete seizure everytime, I did always have an aura before a gran mal seizure.

I was able to discipline myself to breath very heavy when I felt an aura coming on, in an effort to get more oxygen to my brain,  and in some cases it was very minor. I am not sure that this was the reason, but......................

I am fortunate to say that I have not had a gran mal seizure in many years, and I hope that you can say it faster and earlier in life than me. Good luck Feel free to contact me if you would like. If you want to use my e-mail directly it is

Re: How to describe an aura.

Hey there Greek,

Auras are considered simple partial seizures. I also have the type that do not seem to generalize into a full blown tonic clonic, although sometimes they do. My auras are mainly an immediate"funny feeling" in my stomach, and a coinciding weird feeling in my head,very hard to put words to the feelings. When they are bad and often generalize into a tonic clonic, I get immediately sweaty and can get very pale. I also seem to hold my tongue in my teeth quite a bit as well, regardless of what seems to be happening, almost like tapping ones foot.

As to the advice to breath very heavy if you feel auras... this may be counterproductive. check out this link for some more info.  How to Stop Seizures (Breath Exercise) - Cause of Seizures

much love,