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Heart palpitations and seizures

I noticed just past couple days Ages(the one with epilepsy and autism) where her heart starts beating really fast out of nowhere then eventually she has smaller seizures. What is going on with her? She does have a heart problems and past weekend her seizures are becoming more frequent again and I just know she's going to have bigger one soon, and with her heart situation, making me worried. Is anybody familiar with any situations like hers before? Or heart problems and seizures? Please let me know, thanks. JIM


Please anybody know?

Do you mean items similar to the chart on page 74, under Cardio-vascular?

from "Limbic Seizures in Children" by G. Avanzini, Anne Beaumanoir, Laura Mira (2001), page 74.

"Autonomic Function In Epilepsy" by Dr Patrick Adjei includes partial address of "Heart Rate Variability":

Full (slow 6Mb PDF) View often through:

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