Eplipesy "Relapse"

Long story here. About 6 years ago at 18 years old, I started getting visual disturbances for a couple minutes at a time. I would see bright flashing colorful circles in my peripheral field accompanied by ringing in my ears. I went to see a neuro who told me my EEG was abnormal and I was put on Keppra. A few weeks after starting Keppra, I had my first Grand Mal seizure while at work. I felt a hot sensation from my feet up, felt anxious and panicky, wanted to puke, got the lights and ringing in my ears and had a seizure. Luckily I was sitting down and a co-worker was around to help and I was taken to the hospital where I had another seizure. My EEG at the hospital that day was normal after the seizures occured.

I had another incident at work a few months later and ended up getting fired. Needless to say I went a year without driving, and on a lot of medication (switched from Keppra to Lamictal, got an awful rash, switched to Topamax) and I seemed to be getting better. I got married, moved away from home and was eventually weaned off my medication when I became unexpectedly pregnant.

I had been seixure free for about 2 years until a few months ago I was out eating dinner with my family and the strangest feeling came over me. I felt like I was dreaming almost, I was looking at people and couldnt respond, the room was spinning. I told my neuro and was put back on topamax. I have been fine until last night. I woke up yesterday morning with a migraine and had felt out of sorts all day. I was also very irritable and tired (idon't know if this is related) I was at the store with my husband and son and suddenly I felt the hot sensation from my feet up, anxiety, and sweating but this time I felt this for a few minutes before I got the ringing and lights in my vision. My husband sad my eyes were fluttering and I was unresponsive for a few seconds. It took a couple of minutes for my vision to return and I was slightly confused after the episode, however today it all seems so foggy in my memory almost like it never happened.

Has anyone had an experience similar to mine? I am so afraid that these small seizures could turn into a Grand Mal with my son around and my husband at work. We are trying to get my mother in law to come and stay with me so that I am not alone since I am a stay at home mom and my husband is very worried. I am very frustrated after being okay for such a long period of time, it is hard to accept that this could be happening to me all over again.