Epilepsy and Soul

Hello everyone, I'm posting here my experience and I hope you can take a lot from it. I had epilepsy 13 years ago and took drugs for 8 years since. During that time I didn't have hard seizures thanks to the medication but I had some minor states when I had to be silent for a while and I salivated a lot.Then, in my 16, I started with reiki and meditation and I stopped taking the medication. Since I started living without drugs I had those states with the salivation but not as frequently as when I was taking the medication (funny). Within the last 2 years (I'm 21), as I deepened the connection with my soul, the seizures grew bigger from time to time (1-2 a month, sometimes I was ok for 2 months) because I did wrong, I ignored my inner voice and thus EVERYTIME I HAD THE SEIZURE MY SOUL WAS TEACHING ME. I tell you why. When I have problems that I don't solve, I hear a voice in my head telling me what to do (I developed this connection after meditations and initiations. If my consciousness doesn't listen to that voice (which means that ego is trying to be superior to your soul) then I have a seizure. UNTIL I DO WHAT THE VOICE TELLS ME TO DO I HAVE SEIZURES. Then when I do what I hear in my head, during the seizure the voice is stronger, the seizures stop immediately and don't occur until I do wrong again (may be a month or even 3) or until there is a problem in front of me and I neglect it. I understand that if a doctor reads a message like that then they would say what a nonsense but until you experience it by yourself don't tell anything. As I'm going through all the websites about epilepsy I can see that many people experience the same with the exception that their seizures don't stop for eg 3 months, because they're told that the voice is a defect in their brain, so they continue taking pills and don't solve anything. I'm telling the truth EVERYTIME (not just once or twice in my life, it has been at least 10× in 2 years)my wiser subconscious spoke to me and I ignored it I had a seizure. How would you explain that voice (ok defect in the part of the brain responsible for sound processing) but how come that when I for example took the phone, called that person and apologized I had had seizures for 2 weeks with "Call him and apologize" during the seizure and after that call it stopped for another months. Don't also forget that we have different lessons so your lessons may be different from mine, which means that you should be taught to realize something different. I also encountered a case in a book when a man, after a car accident, had serious seizures and then he was advised by Maria Treben to drink nettle tea 3× a day and make a compress from swedish bitters on the back of the head and he cured completely, even without using artificial medication. I use the bitters after I have the seizure and it helps me to relieve and recover. But as I already said it depends on your lessons, if you're supposed to learn eg to live without medication than you can be completely cured after you stop taking it and start living differently and if you should developed into certain state of mind you may suffer from epilepsy for the whole life for there will always be some advice from your soul (unless you reach nirvana), but don't worry and take it as wonderful lessons that help you understand yourself and move forwards. There is also a web with a list of famous people who suffered from epilepsy. Many said that there is no connection between their inteligence and epilepsy but I would say that once you REACH epilepsy, you're bound to be at a pretty high level of soul maturity, not necessarily inteligence, but by this I don't devalue other ilnessses as our lessons. I wish you all wisdom enough to listen to your soul. Good luck on your way.