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Drs pls read I need help. I need answers.

Hi I'm new on here and was wondering if anyone could help me. I've been having seizures for a year now and after tests they are unclear as to why I'm having them. 

My pulse is 32-35 and my bp 60/30 I wanted to know if this could be a cause of my seizures. I feel fine other then the seizures. I'm on no meds I don't drink or take drugs. I'm not fit at all lol but a busy mum with three kids. I want this to stop as it's affecting my daily life now. I'm scared to go out as I'm not being treated for anything yet. I'm trying to work out myself what's wrong with me and thought my low heart rate may be a cause. I'd appreciate any ideas or answers.  I have three seizures a week still and no one seems to know why.

could the lack of oxygen cause my seizures??

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