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dreaming while seizing

okay so my last seizure was thursday august 1st right? and it was like unlike any other seizure ive ever had, why you might ask? well it started off pretty normal in a friends apartment just kinda standing there everything goes kinda yellow and hazy and cant talk so i know im about to go down right? right, so of course someone catches me and lays me on the floor that much i remember. what comes next is weird, i actually remember feeling myself start to jerk and seize and what not hearing people talk and then i started to have like an out of body experience like a dream like state. like it was really peaceful to the point that i thought i was actually dead, so naturally when i snapped out of it and the emts and all my friends and my boyfriend where standing around me and where like you had a 7 minute seizure i was like what im alive? yeah it was really weird and im not quite sure exactly what happened


Sounds like a scary seizure! Glad you are okay!
The people who saw the seizure are the best ones to tell you what happened. If the seizure was a partial seizure, people can hear during them and can have out of body sensations or other strange experiences. Ask whoever was with you to write down what they saw. Then take the information to your doctor's appointment and he or she can help you figure out what might have happened.

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