does anyone else suffer with epilepsy caused by pain? ....or is it just me?

I'm 24 and I have had epilepsy for about 5 years now. All my seizures have been pain related but ive never heard anybody else having them through pain! My 1st seizure happened after getting really bad stomach cramps and the 2nd was because i fell and banged my elbow. When i went to hospital for tests and explained to the doctor what caused the seizures he just looked at me funny as if i had made it all up. I have tried to research this but to no avail and i am starting to think i'm the only one. Everyone who asks me what causes my seizures always looks at me oddly when i say pain. I only have to stump my toe or trap my finger in something and im out cold. I just want to know if anyone else has the same pain related seizures so i can relate to them and not feel like an odd ball. I am on medication for this!!!


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Hi av! I'm sure you aren't the only one with a pain trigger. :)  The problem is, epilepsy can present itself in so many different ways, and each of us is different, so you may or may not be able to find info.  You said that the first seizure you had came after a stomach ache.  Do you still get these?  If so, you might want to try researching Abdominal Epilepsy.  It's fairly rare...

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Thanks for your reply...

The stomache pain was a one off. It is all sorts of pain that causes it. I understand that all epilepsy is different but i just feel like im on my own sometimes and people just react funny when i tell them that mine is pain. I then start to wonder if there is other things wrong with me!! I would just like to talk to someone else who has it the same so i can read into it a bit more. I will definatly investigate abdominal epilepsy and see what info i can get.

thanks skillefer.

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hiya, since i had my tonsils out (about 7/8 years now) i have experienced seizures from pain.

this pain has varied from swallowing hot food, hurting my knee, having tattoos and being constipated. all very scary. i have not yet been diagnosed with epilepsy or anything but have had 2 eeg's. 1 normal and 1 sleep deprived. i am currently waiting for heart tests.

i did not relate my seizures with pain until a few months ago while i was sitting thinking about the befores and afters of them.

anyway, even tho its an 'illness' id like to say how glad i am that im not the only 1 who has seizures through pain. its very difficult trying to explain to people what causes them as most people simply dont understand normal epileptic seizures let alone pain related 1s.

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 I'm Epileptic, I'm 24, Pain, stress, if I'm really hungry, if someone all of a sudden scares me, etc..........

Any of those things trigger my episodes. Pain can be exhausting on the body and exhaustion causes seizers 


Hey! I was just curious, when you have a seizure what are they like?  Do your eyes fix do you shake or anything?  The reason I'm asking is b/c my husband is 23 years old and he has fell out twice since we've been married.  The 1st time he got up to use the restroom in the middle of the night and I heard a loud "boom" and I found him on the bathroom floor out cold.  He didn't come too until I touched him.  He wasn't shaking or anything. When he woke he was very very pale, disoriented and sick on his stomach.  They did a whole work up on him. ECG, MRI of the Brain and the doctor basically told him that he wasn't sure that there was no concrete evidence that he had a seizure but wanted him to take medication for it anyway.  Well my husband refused b/c he didn't want to take something if he wasn't sure if it would him him or not.  So probably about a year later this past Friday morning my husband is in the yard doing something in his work truck and goes to step out and twists his ankle.  I come out of the house heading to work and he's screaming in pain.  He is sitting down but when I look up to him again he's down on the ground out cold.  He was gray and his eyes were fixed. He didn't move or blink and im pretty sure he was not breathing.  I had to run to get my phone to call 911, I returned and again when I went to check for a pulse he woke up.  Now in the bathroom he fell from standing up, so that was a harder bump, but when he fell off that truck he had to hit the bumper of the truck before he halfway rolled under the bumper.   Im not sure if it is unrelated to the first time or not, but it just seems funny you know?  This time in the emergency room they didn't seem to care at all that he fell out.  And I told the ED doctor myself that he was gray and his eyes had been fixed.  I don't know what to do or what to think.