different auras

    The last few days, my auras seem different.   The feeling I got with a few of them, was like doom.  I had a few partials and about 4 auras yesterday.  I was kind of nauseous part of the day and had the chills.  That passed, and felt better.  The last two auras I had felt a little different.  Usually, something or am looking at triggers the seizure.  Lately, I felt pressure on the right side of my head with my helmet on.  Now, lately, I feel pressure in different spots, but mainly on the lower right side of my head without the helmet.  The last few days I felt that.  The feeling I got with some were stronger and felt like the start of a seizure during the aura.  Today, I had the feeling that it was like doom or the end.  It stopped, and no seizure started.   I started to feel that pain a little on the lower right side of my head a bit.  Has anyone ever experienced this before?  If so, what was the problem?