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Could salvia possibly cause siezures?

  I'm 26 years old with no history of epilepsy or seizures, and in mid- november of 2008 i tried salvia for the firsttime, it was really strange, you lose your sense of self. Everything was ok until december, when i had my first siezure ever.  It was very strange, and snuck up on me, it's taken me time to indentify and kind of deal with it.  I would have them twice a week, but after awhile they stopped, but only for a period of 7 months, after that they returned with a vengeance. i was having sometimes 2 a day, sometimes 3 a week, sometimes once a week. Seemed like my seizures were rather fickle.  It's really tough at work,( i work at UPS) and more often then not i hurt myself.  Now, after they came back i decided to see a nuerologist, and went to get an EEG and an MRI.  Well, my doctor seems to think i have complex partial with secondary generalization, i believe it is.  That's all well and good, but i have a problem with that.  When i look up things about complex partial, they always mention staring, picking at shirt, saying phrases, and you see auras.  I have none of that.  My vision and hearing become vivid.  My sight, well, it seems like lights are too bright, but not unendurable.  Now my hearing, that's the one. Any sound i hear, be it music, voices, machinery, etc. is cacophonic.  Completely unendurable, and i have a strange uncomfort about me, not a nauseous feeling, but rather a feeling of "not right" if that's understandable. IT feels like there's a piece of me that's wrong, and i get slightly dizzy, but instead of looking around and picking at my shirt, i lose all conciousness.  I've smacked my head against machines at full force at work, and i've had to be put on disability leave.  None of these symptoms match with complex partial from what i've seen, but then again i'm not a doctor and new to siezures. My girlfriend has witnessed some of them, she says my eyes dilate, sometimes roll back. sometimes i look like i'm strecting, sometimes i convulse.  afterwards, i either throw up or go to the bathroom(very quickly).  Since the nuerologist i go to has never even heard of slavia, iwas hoping maybe someone could help shed somelight on this. I'd appreciate it. -rory


Sorry, but I am not sure what salvia is. There are a lot of 'natural' products that have properties that can cause or aggravate seizures, so people should not take any product that they don't know about. Also important to tell neurologist what products, herbal, prescriptive or other everything that one takes so they can help sort this out. In the meantime, take only what's prescribed by the doctor treating the epilepsy and make sure of other meds that you may take.

Keep in mind that partial seizures can have many different symptoms. The staring and automatisms is one of the more typical kind but lots of other symptoms as you described could be part of partial seizure as well. Take a look at the section on partial seizures. Also, try using the My Epilepsy Diary and track your symptoms. Then print out the diary and take the info to your doctor. It will help him or her sort out what's going on with you.

Good luck! Hope things work out well,



Epi_help Resource Specialist

(Sorry, I have links to all of the research studies posted below, however the spam filter won't let me post them...they're very easy to google and find with the keywords)

Recent human studies have shown that Salvia Divinorum had NO short
term effects, be it affecting seratonin, heart rate, nor tremors in
healthy individuals.

As far as I've found, there hasn't been any scientific research into Salvia Divinorum and the effects on epileptics.

it should be noted that Salvia Divinorum is a selective k-opiod
receptor agonist, much like Enadoline, which oddly enough has been
researched for TREATING epilepsy.

in conclusion, there's a few anecdotal/non scientific reports of
seizures after smoking Salvia, but again, coincidence is not necessarily
evidence, and that study I posted regarding the k-opiod receptor
agonist doesn't prove it would be GOOD for epilepsy either.

Basically, as of right now, no one really knows, and anyone who tells you differently is wrong.

(For the record, I am epileptic, have smoked Salvia twice and no issues with it. 
NOTE: It is NOT a recreational drug. If you plan on using it, learn
about its original usage and read everything you can on it so you are
educated on its effects. To regular healthy individuals, there is little
to no risk of any adverse effects, but if done in a stupid manner, you
could be in for a terrifying experience as opposed to an enlightening

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