Could I be having seizure????

well Hi! My name is Bethany and about 4months ago I was involved in an freak/car accident (Long Story).Well I ended up becoming unconsious for a short period of time( I don't know how long because I suffer from the short memory loss of the whole accident and hospital stay).I was bleeding out my nose,and the back of my head and couldn't stop vomiting even after getting IV's of differnt stuff to keep to stop throwing up. I ended up being stat flighted to a really really bad hospital (LONG STORY) After being in the Emergency room with dealing with a shitty nurse who was to busy NOT taking care of anyone busy playing Solitare on a computer. I sat in pain for 21/2 hours and still throwing up. Finally after the 21/2 hours I saw a doctor and got a cat scan done. After talking to 3 doctors and getting 3 differnt diagonsis I was finally diagonesd with a Basilar Skull Fracture,2 contusions,some intracerebal hemorrhageing, loss of smell and taste and if there was anything else going on I don't remember it.I ended up after leaving 1 hospital because they sent me home to early I was admitted into another hospital.After the hospital stay I did a month of physical therapy for my Neck and Back. Well since my accident I have been in and out of doctor offices. I have suffered from Headaches and Migraines everyday since my accident. So haveing a headache and migraines everyday sucks!

Well the middle of August my family took a vacation to Florida, Went to universal studios rode rides rode a plane there. Well this new symptom appeard that I didn't know what it meant. My husband and I were driving alone on our way to the beach and all of sudden I smelled this Burning smoke smell and he couldn't smell it. Then it got even stronger and I started to taste this taste I have never tasted before in my life (it was kind of like a metal like taste) Very strange. Then the smoke smell turned into a burning hair like smell. I have been experiencing this almost everyday varying in how stong the smell is at times. The taste veries at times I can't taste some food right especially beef. Now the past two days everything I have ate taste gross even Chocolate which I love.I have also started to see like dots of colors at times that really arent there.Since my accident im still on a lot of meds.To prevent headaches,migraines,seizures and nausea. I recently had a two MRI's done  one with contast and without and at the end of this month my doctor is doing an EEG. My doctor said it's a good indication that im having seizures but, I don't know if im in denial but, I feel like im not just because i just think it's something probably going on with my loss of smell and maybe I have nerve damage or something. I don't know. I was hoping someone will respond who maybe going through the same thing or maybe tell me what  they think if it seizures or not. I'm really worried about if it is seizures because I really dont know anything about seizures.Thanks anybody who replies to my post!


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Oh yeah I forgot about this but not sure its related but, when I talk to people I forget about what im talking about a lot and sometimes I cant seem to talk right like I will say something more then once or saying something backwords. I don't know if this is realted or what but, all this stuff going on has been unanswered for so long I just worry about it all time.

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I'm not sure about the talking, but I do think that migraines and seizures seems to go hand in hand.  I had a 24 hour EEG once during a migraine headache, and it was loaded with activity.  It sounds like you are having auras, but they have not turned into full blown seizures at this point.  One type of doctor that I might see if I were you is a good chiropractor.  One that has had some success with migraines.  I am seeing one now that has provided a lot of relief for my migraines.

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Thanks I've been hoping to go to a chiropracter but, my insurance doesn't cover one.I think im going to pay for it anyway because my neck hurts all the time and my back. Hopefully it will help the headaches. I did the physical therapy also for the headaches but, it didnt help at all. My neck still hurts all the time but, they did an xray and nothing showed up so I guess all the stress of everything since then has caused tension. My neurologist didnt really explain much to me about if could be anything other then seizures she just sayed right off the bat that it was a good indication from all my symptoms and since I had the injury that I was. I was hoping she would say there could be other things causing the weird buring hair smell but, she didn't. So it's got me really worried I called my neurologist today to get the results of my MRI but, they didnt call me back!I hate not knowing even though I know there not that bad if I am having them bc im still conscious but she said if I was they could get worse. I was also hopeing she would tell me how long I could be on the anti seizure med but, she didn't. thanks for replying and the advice.

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I see a Chiropractic Neurologist, and he said that you can have auras before a migraine.  Migraines restrict the amount of oxygen getting to your brain, which is causing the confusion.  A good chiropractor can help with the accident injury.  A whiplash injury is not going to show up on an x-ray - those are only looking for breaks or fractures.  A lot of chiropractors can bill for physical therapy.  Shop around, and find one that is experienced with migraines, and ask if they can bill your insurance as physical therapy.  Good luck with your recovery!!!


I'm totally freaking out I just woke up after something weird happening that has never happend i feel like crying bc I have no idea what was wrong....So I feel like I was asleep and all of a sudden I woke up and my arms and part of my leg were shaking/spasming and I couldnt move my arms and I tried I was wide awake..I tried to call out for my mom and say mom and I couldnt speak.Then all of sudden i looked over and saw my husband and heard his breathing it lasted what seemed longer but, I bet it was only 1min from what I know. I came too i guess and could move and I got up and shook my husband to wake him and I told him what just happend and he didnt care.(He is a deep sleeper im not)I have been freaking out since I seriously feel like crying I don't know what wrong with me..Anyone ever have this happen or am i haveing sleep problems I don't know...Im totally freaking out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This has never happend to me as far as I know....IM scared!Oh and my eyes were open and I could see I just couldnt do anything...