Changing info on Siezure Diary how & can it be done?

Siezure Diary, I was a first time diary user last month, . . . WOW Great item, . . . but this month I was put on a temp. med (clorzepate), so I listed it on my diary of medicines, but it only lasted 5 days so when I went off I couldn't remove it from list so I now can only put in red x'ed pills to indicate that I missed it, is there no way to remove it from list since it was only temporary?, . . . (it not only continued showing up but appeard, ahead in the diary days before starting it) It seems there no way to list a temporary med. is this the case, if not how do I change the diary?  Thanks


Re: Changing info on Siezure Diary how & can it be done?

Hi, Just saw your question. If you haven't figured it out, if you have a temporary med, there should be button to remove a med, to the far right of the entry. Also, you can list a temporary med or one you take just 'as needed' under "MY Occasional Meds". Let me know if this works. If you want online help, send me a way to contact you via my email at

Epi_help, Resource Specialist