Poem: Epilepsy And The Personal Touch


<p>A tunnel through a microscopic fairy tale.</p>

<p>Paint blotches through the midnight blue air.</p>

<p>Neon yellow</p>

<p>Lime green</p>


<p>Red as blood.</p>

<p>As lightning strikes, you are in a deep cloud.</p>

<p>Your eyes express you are in deep thought.</p>

<p>Time is slowing down, life is coming to an end.</p>

<p>You lay in bed tossing and turning, and it is as if you are lying on a bed of rose thorns.</p>





<p>A remote control flying through the air.</p>

<p>Hard as sement and processing issues.</p>

<p>Everyday is an adventure, when you are living with Epilepsy!</p>

<p>By Jessica Robinson</p>