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Here's the link to my Photobucket albums
I'm adding more and more as time allows. At the moment there are 3 albums, to find the other 2 click on the sub album titles within the albums. It's pretty cool watching them as a slideshow.
There's nothing fancy just places I go and the beauty that surrounds me.


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I keep trying to catch you, but I keep missing you!! :(
I wanted to say hello, and hopefully I'll see you and get a chance to chat with you over the weekend.
Hope you're doing well,

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Hi Andy. Great pictures! i'm even more anxious for spring summer to arrive so I can get out and enjoy such beauty nature brings. I've had enough of nothing but white and cold.
Aquila, next time I catch andy I will nail him down til you come so the three musketeers can have a chat. Smiles and thanks for sharing andy!

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Lots more pictures added in the sub-folders, take a walk through the beautiful countryside on a sunny day with me :-)

I did, and thanks again for

I did, and thanks again for sharing! You live in such a beautiful area!! I must ask tho, the photo you titled Petrified, is that a slab of petried wood with the carved things hanging off it? Are they also petrified? What is above? It is very interesting. I also like the faces in the trees, I am always finding faces in things.
Thanks again