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Film on epilepsy

Hello Friends,

Myself Bharat Parmar and I am a Film student currently workin g on a project, a short film Which has an epileptic girl as a main character. My cousin sister who is an epileptic is an inspiration for this film.

I want to explore more about behaviors of Photo sensitive or Pattern sensitive epileptics. I need to know more insight and some interesting facts and stories on this topic.

The purpose is not at all entertainment but to create awareness in society.

I also want to know about relation of sound sensitivity and epilepsy.

I will be glad to have some personal experiences.


Bharat Parmar


It would be fun and enlightening to have a film of a partial/focal epilepsy with multiple points of view for the camera, especially first person for experiencing the onset of a seizure. My onset often involves a feeling of fear, deja vu, sometimes other senses commonly described. I've never experienced euphoria. I'll trade the fear in any day.

I have asked if it is possible for my hearing to have become better through any possible way and was told this was not possible. Most all of my senses have been heightened since the onset of epilepsy more than two decades ago. The science within our skulls is quite a challenge. Some music will trigger seizures for me. This rare reflex developed about eight years ag and will hopefully disappear as well as all the other seizures I have. I'm quite grateful breathing doesn't trigger seizures.

My epilepsy seems to somehow improve a melancholia that has always been present. They go hand in hand for me. I can almost tell from my mood sometimes that tonic clonic seizures will be visiting or would help my mood.

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