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Hi everyone!

I don't know what happened, we have lost some threads that had latest pieces that people shared. I think whoever started the thread must have deleted it, hopefully by mistake. If you can re-enter your work, please do!

Or you can visit the home page and send in your entries so we can highlight them throughout the site. Take a look here Showcase of Creativity.

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Another option - Take a look at this newsfeed and enter the Expressions of Courage National Art Contest - Expressions of Courage Art Contest. Here's a link to learn more about this.

Keep on writing and sharing your expertise!



 I plod on

The mist envelopes me…

Such as a fever induced haze 

Straying about  

Hands outstretched

I squint my eyes for a glimpse

My nose isn’t friendly all while In a disoriented state

I plod on…

Departing is my youth and daily I think to myself

The funny thing about mist

Is that you never know if you are going to walk into the clear

Or tread off a cliff into the endless, cold abyss

A smile crosses my lips for an instant, not knowing why

The sun is shining somewhere.  I just can’t seem to find it

Maybe I’ll get there  Maybe I won’t but one thing is for certain.

I plod on…

For what else is there!

We all follow the mist

In hopes of finding that pleasant oasis

Stepping head first Into life’s warm, happy embrace..

To this end is why

I plod on…


Paul J. Bugbee


like a cheap used sweater,
the slightest tug,
the lightest pressure,
and I'm coming apart at the seams.
At every knit and purl
my fabric
is coming undone.

Not another moment lost
Some words are never meant to be said
Some are meant to flow freely within your head
Some are destined to be written down
While some can turn a smile, into a frown
Some words when harshly misused
can turn the happy into the abused
Some words dare not to be spoken
for if so, anger and devils are what lies to be awoken
But words like "i love you" and "i love you too"
Are spoken from the heart, knowingly true
But what of the mute, the speechless few
whose words cannot be spoken, be it a moment or two
Great speaches of wisdom, words not to be forgotten
what if nothing was said, a moment spoiled and rotten
Words can be powerful like "love" amd "hate"
Words are what are used to express why life is so great
But what if the power was taken away with nothing said
taken away by fear, by an ailment of the head
No more shall we fear from stigma or shame
we will overcome our anxieties and speak the name
Our silence will one day be broken
Our words will one day be spoken
Not another momemt will be lost to seizures you see
because one day the world will know more about epilepsy

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