7 years, the "world war" to "peace party"


"We did not seem long lost feelings are always so familiar, in fact, do not talk too long, but twenty years of understanding, easy to talk to cheap soccer shirts
, this time in the arena to see Lang guide of Macau, feelings, or very different, Recalling the tragic, vivid memories of the Chinese team in the women's volleyball Lang hands guide you can be sure that it is particularly good haul, of course, can not go wrong "- Chen andMa YinArrived to Macau the same day, a friend invited me to the Macau Grand Lapa cafe sitting. Through the hall, when suddenly a kind of deja vu custom soccer jerseys
, especially in the back door to the hotel bed, so I suddenly thought seven years ago, in 2006 World Grand Prix Macau, I like Lan Ping and Chen and organizations Photograph taken here.But I'm sure when the name of the hotel team is not this one. That night I dug up the photos and when articles.Civil useFrom Ningbo to Tokyo from Nagoya in Macau Lan Ping and Chen and a couple of old friends during the two years between the third fight with each other. No reunion excitement, no roar of stimulation, there is no deliberate purpose team soccer jerseys
or avoid embarrassment, the third "world war" atmosphere remains peaceful, Lan Ping enjoy this feeling, Chen, and he said that this so-called "civil use."Each "peaceful war", the U.S. team live in a hotel, or even live in the adjacent floors, Lan Ping and Chen in the lobby, the elevator, the restaurant, the arena will blow every meet, they look enthusiastically greeting chats day no more."You and Lang management so long to answer, specifically as a good time to catch up?" There are journalists asked Chen Zhonghe. Chen and laughed: "We seem to be no long-lost feeling, there is always so familiar, in fact, do not talk too long, but it is rarely a word, you can communicate very well up." Lang Ping also said that nearly half Nenggen Chinese team with Chen and see the face, but it did not make sense to water a short space of team soccer jerseys
each meeting are the same as in the past when working in a team situation, for example, "Twenty years of silence, easily link. "