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Heat and weather fronts


Hi all,Does anyone here have seizures when the weather changes or a front comes through??I start having them at least 48 hours prior to a storm's appearance.  Also heat causes me to throw one or more as well.I would hate to think that it is all in my head as to this occurance, but I have to know from others.I happen to live in a state with temps that exceed 115 in the summer (Phoenix).  I have been thinking that the heat smothers me enough to provoke a seizure.  I stay all hidden in the house most of the time.When I was younger than I am now, everytime a weather front was approaching, I would get really severe headaches that lasted for days.They were thought to be Migraines, but later turned out to be Epileptic Cephalgic headaches.I have JME, and am 32 years old as of the 12 of this month.  I have more TCs than any other type of seizure in this syndrome.  The heat seems to trigger or trip the stinking jerks.  Otherwise they are fairly controlled and happen after I wake up from a nap or in the morning after I wake up.  Sometiems I get them during the day.Nancy


  Nancy,    The heat and humidity affect me the same. I love the outdoors so much but on hot and/or humid days, I have to stay in. We have had alot of high heat combined with 100% humidity since hurricane Dennis,and are still in the red alert even now. The electrical storms have triggered many a seizure and I feel worn out. Add headaches to my list too. The one I had last night was so bad I was afraid it had gone into a migraine. But I was finally able to go to sleep and woke up without it this morning.    A state that exceeds 115 in the summer? Oh my! We have gotten to 113 since the hurricane season started but that is with the humidity factor included. Ouch!    Smiles!-Spiz

Hi  Nancy,I  say we send those  darn monsoons  back to  the  gulf.  I  too  am in a  Desert  area where  the  average  temp  is over  100.    Not  quite  as  hot  here as it  is  in Phoenix  though.Yes  the  Storms  affect  me very badly.  Hang in there,Dayna

Hi Nancy,I am in San Diego and we get frequent Santa Ana (high pressure) weather conditions. I get a doozy of a migraine during each one and I soooo dread them. And we get a lot! Right now during the 90* head and humidity I am doing okay, but am definitely getting some stuff going on. Had to take a Fiorinal todayAnita

I can't even go in my pool during the day much in August, becuase the pool water is above 100 degrees in temps and is the furthest thing from refreshing.  It is just gross.Nancy

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