Handouts & Pamphlets about Epilepsy


Handouts & Pamphlets about Epilepsy<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />Did a follow-up with my neurologist at a VA Medical Center yesterday [Thursday], which happens to be in the same location area where a Comprehensive Epilepsy Center [CEC] is located. Due to the transportation times I arrived at the location during the 9 am hour and had to wait until my doctor appointment at 12:30pm. So, with this waiting time frame, I went to the CEC to find what specific room, in the huge building, is the up coming epilepsy conference going to be held at. Turns out to be still unknown yet. Anyway, I was also curious if there are any handouts & pamphlets available in the waiting areas and if theyÂ’re easily to be seen by people coming in. There was absolutely nothing, anywhere. So I asked the nurse about this and she showed the hiding place where they keep all of the handouts and pamphlets. In a separate building, is where the neuroÂ’s offices are located. Went in, looked around and saw nothing anywhere in there either. As time progressed, I went back to the VA neuro waiting area, looked around and there were no handouts or pamphlets about seizures & epilepsy. But since this is the same waiting area for cardiology patients, there are plenty handouts and pamphlets related to it. Late last year, I took a trip to visit someone in my area, who by the way was also a member of one of the online epilepsy support groups, and she was going in for her first veeg. Upon arrival I went directly to the neurology offices, asking as for where this person was at in the hospital. Before I left the neuro section I looked around and the only handouts I saw, which were somewhat hidden from easy viewing, were just for the cityÂ’s epilepsy support group. Question for everyone. With every place youÂ’ve gone to for neurology or epileptology appointments, and hospitals or clinics, do you recall easily seeing pamphlets & handouts about seizures & epilepsy?Bruce L


RE: Handouts & Pamphlets about Epilepsy

Yes Bruce,In my Neurologists waiting area there is a whole row of pamplets about epilepsy, I picked up a few,they were:IS your Epilepsy Medicine Right for you? by ucb PharmaEvents Calander- a tool for managing Seizures- by GlaxoSmithKlineThinking about the Future? Female Lifestages and the effects of epilepsy also by Glaxo Smith Kline.These were right next to all the stuff for the Cardio patients.I will look at the stuff in the Seizure Disorder Center the next time I go. I would hope they have more information for their patients.I go to UCLA Medical Center.