Epi_Chat Takes Over The World


So, we are all having fun & think with just a few rules we can take over the world & make it a better place.

Based on tonight's chat, here ya go!

#1 - Live Life to the max & smile every day

#2 - In life positive = negative. For everything positive, find a negative.

#3 - Play Nice with each other, love can come through as hate, but still play nice with your friends

#4 - People are people, accept them for who they are as long as they accept you.

#5 - The world is a big place. It will be a challenge, but you can get through it and take over anything in it.

#6 - Brain waves are like ipods - some times they need to resync'. That's what makes us crazy. So, as we take over the world, some times we will go out of sync', but it's nothing a little medicine & support from friends can't fix

#7 - A shark is a shark, a dolphin is a dolphin they are creatures of the sea, but if they play together in tanks big things can happen, but be nice to both.

#8 - Firemen should be used for good & not evil (take that any way you want - lol...)


To other's that were here that night, you'll understand "Pinky & The Brain" or Wookie, GG & the Gang are off to take over the world, so let's do this!

Add away & enjoy