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Possible seizure?

Today I was watching my 5 year old daughter read a book to herself. I decided to record it because it was really cute. Almost halfway through the video, you will see where she stops what she is doing and stares straight ahead. It lasts probably 3-4 seconds and then she goes back to doing what she was doing. It totally caught me by surprise. Our 7 year old son has absence epilepsy...diagnosed at age 4. So, a random person may not have noticed it but it totally caught my attention as I have seen that stare many times before.

(Ignore her licking the pages of the book.....she learned that from her 65 year old kindergarten teacher that licks her fingers to turn the page!) haha!!

Here is a link to the video:

Thanks for any feedback. I don't want to go through this hell with another child. It has been a rough road for my son, but I think we finally have him stabilized on lamotrogine with few side effects.

Thank you.


I think that stare was a little too short to be seizure related. Looked like a quick " I wonder what that means" from something she read in the book. 

Please let us know what happens down the road.

Thank you. I thought that too, but she isn't really reading. Just looking at pics and making up a story. She might be looking at my husband in the kitchen but the dead stare is what got to me...never seen that from her but saw it from my son all the time. I will keep an eye on her. If it is a seizure, she will have another one I am sure.

Nope, doesn't look like an absence seizure. I think you are just overly sensitive to the issue. Nothing to worry about, relax. Best wishes.

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