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Hey guys,
So I've been diagnosed with epilepsy grand mal seizures about 2.5 years ago and have had 6 grand mal seizures since. I just had one yesterday in my psychology class right before a test. How long does it take you guys to recover from a grand mal seizure? I used to have photographic memory, but since I have been having seizures my memory is completely shot and I feel im constantly in a daze.Does anyone else feel that way? Any advice on how to at least improve memory?


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 I have had about 30 Grand Mal(tonic/clonic) over many years. Sometimes it takes me 4 or 5 days to fully be functional. Yes my memory is temporarily impaired,as well as concentration, but it does come back. Like you I am in an exhausted daze. I am told, this is common, by my neurologist and it takes that long for your brain function to recover. When I have partial seizures I recover more quickly depending on their severity. I am on Lamictal and it does seem to help minimize problems somewhat

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Hi Guys,

Please look up for pills based on 'huperzine-A' . This is something which is supposed to improve cognitive functioning. You can find more info from wiki and also from a site called

if your neuro agrees to prescribe this, and if this helps in anyway after taking it, please keep updating this comment section with your feedbacks. I've recently started taking it for the past month or so and i'm able to make out some difference. But, it'll be nice to know that this is not a placebo and it actually works, based on comments from whomever is taking this medicine.

It might help people who visit the forum in the longer run as well.





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i'm somewhere between those 2 numbers over the last 5 years or so.  I have problems with memory as well, short-term primarily.

I am attributing it mostly to the various meds that i've tried taking to "help" stop/slow down the seizures.  Some experts have tried to convince me that the seizures themselves may be what is the main culprit.  While that could be true and certainly a combination of the two may be as well ... i am going with the belief that the seizures themselves have not been the cause.

 Guess that didn't truly answer your question.  For me personally i am at a 2-3 day after the seizure i am back to about where i was prior to it.  As a result of my belief that the meds were causing more damage than help i have stopped taking them and am hoping to also stop damaging my memory (which, like you, i would describe as semi-photographic previously).

Incidentally i have gone 2-3 months seizure free since stopping and was in a 1-2 month range while medicated.  Is that change the cause? Is it chance? Is it i have confronted the stress in my home life?  Is it belief/hope that i may be able to overcome?  who knows ... but like an alcoholic/drug addict i am taking my life day by day & appreciative of each one that is seizure free.


diatribe over - good luck!

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Thank you guys! I am on vimpat (lacosamide), they used to have me on kepra too, but they now suggest for the past year I just take vimpat. I guess being seizure free comes with its price.

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Photographic memories do help.

As for memory loss and grande mal seizures. Welllll I have had grande mal seizures and the only loss I had was the time in the seizure and what was happening while I was getting back to normal. Those become blank spaces of time for me.

I have many types of seizures and during those I can see hear and understand what is going on many of those are now seconds long and maybe 2 minutes to focus at the most. If they are complex partial and they effect my hand I can't use it until I am out of the seizure and close to normal.

Keppra is one of the best medications I have used and it has reduced the number of seizures I was having along with the time in the seizures. I was still having more seizures that Doc and I wanted and we added vimpat which has reduced the number even more. Back in May I was havinf 2-3 seizures or clusters of seizures a week now I may have a seizure every 6-10 days

Hope this helps


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vimpat was the last one i was on as well.

pay attention to how much it impacts your brain & make sure that YOU are the one staying on top of the decision of if that is worth it for how well it is controlling the seizures.

 good luck!

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Hi guys! My bounce back period seems to vary. My last one was attributed to altitude sickness and I bounced back in a couple days. The one prior it took 5-6 days. I think it depends on the severity of it which I don't really know bc I'm unconscious! The one that took the longest recovery time I think it was a couple of factors which with altitude its just one. I am on lamictal and I talked to my nuero about my occasional jerks bc I wanted to confirm it was med related but of course like all doctors they say "lets increase your dosage and see." So on that one I was overmedicated and dehydrated.

Long blabber but I think the bounce back depends and if you had an injury aka my concussion.

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For me it depends on how severe the seizure was.  Even if I've lost consciousness for the seizure I can tell how severe it was by how bad my head hurts afterwards.  If my head still hurts a lot the next day after a full nights sleep I know it was really bad. 

I no longer have grand mals, but when I did it would take days for me, and usually even longer, before I felt fully functional again.  The simplest things would be impossible for me to remember.  In college I actually had a grand mal right before a final exam.  I was given the option of taking the exam by the end of the week or taking an incomplete and making the exam up the following semester.  I took the incomplete since I was still forgetting all kinds of things at the end of the week. 

Good luck to you.  Between the seizures and the meds we take to help them our memory takes a big hit.  I've been taking bacopa monnieri (an herbal supplement) with my meds.  It's supposed to help seizure activity and memory.  I've noticed reduced seizures, but have not noticed my memory improving at all.  When I read the reviews about it on amazon a lot of people claim it has helped their memory.  It might be something you want to look into.