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Partial Complex Seizures - Temporal... Memory issues, sleep issues... zoning out...

I am 34 and was just recently diagnosed via EEG having complex partial seizures.  I have had the symptoms for decades and really was unaware, thinking that they were some manifestation of getting sick (flu) or a migraine.

The symptoms included déjà vu or intense dream "flashes", sometimes feeling like multiple dream sequences that all feel very familiar, all firing at the same time, followed by intense nausea.  I had a few times where I got physically sick, but most of the time it was a run to the bathroom and quick return back to my room.  It has occurred while asleep and during daytime, and traditionally these intense attacks would occur maybe 2-5 times a year, with each episode lasting 5-20 seconds, and each "attack" being a series of episodes that could be a dozen or so to as many as maybe 40-50 over 24 -48 hours.

Since being diagnosed, I have reflected on the past as these symptoms I remember to some degree as early as 6 years old.  I have also had a long history of zoning out, pretty much my entire life.  I could have someone talking to me and I would just space out.  I had always thought it was ADD (undiagnosed).   Are these smaller partial complex seizures?  I had numerous major injuries playing sports over the years, and once was involved in an accident whereby I remember one thing, followed by something that "came out of nowhere".  Now reflecting back, it seems like maybe I had a gap in my awareness, followed by the injury.  Maybe I am over thinking it.

 I have several questions...  Could these zoning out occurrences which occur numerous times a day be ADD or are they part of epilepsy?  I seem to feel like I am just day dreaming about something.  I can be brought out of it by family or someone else, but it may take several seconds or several attempts of them calling my name.

I was put on Keppra and have experienced some short term memory loss.  My short term memory has never been great, but this seems worse.  Could this be Keppra or the epilepsy, or both?

 I also have had terrible sleep pattern for again, likely decades.  I have had bouts where I have just incredibly intense sleep, but most of the time I have tossed and turned all night.  When I was first put on Keppra, my wife indicated that she noticed I was absolutely out, just knocked out each evening.  I had great sleep for a few weeks to a month.  It seems like for the most part, that has stopped and I am back to the old cycle.  Is this a side effect of the Keppra and/or seizures?

 Just looking for guidance as I am new to all of this, even though it seems like I have been dealing with the symptoms and side effects mentioned above since being a kid. 

Thanks for the help and guidance.




You seem to describe your complex partial seizures much like I do. I am 32 and have had seizures with Deja vu, flash backs, dreamlike occurrences, forced memory, etc since I was maybe 12 and diagnosed at 14. The smaller episodes you are talking about would be called "auras" a whichcan happen alone or precede a seizure. Actually the aura itself is a small seizure called a simple partial seizure.

Please take the time to read my description of my auras and seizures. Type in the search bar at the top of the page "detailed aura and seizure description kandreas81" and it's the very first article.

Hope this helps.


Thanks.  Seems like a very detailed explanation of the different phases/stages.  I appreciate the info.  Some of it is very applicable.  I have yet to have a grand mal, at least I think.  Two times I had very strange experience at night, where I  thought I may have had a full seizure, but not sure. 

I think what you are describing with the black outs are Absence seizures. It sounds alot like what I have been doing. I was diagnosed 2 days ago with Complex Partial Seizures and I am 46 and have most likely had this since I was little....well okay, since I was a child, I'm still little! ;)

I think there is just so much to learn about summer I was driving and I felt really tired...but not that tired that I should pull over and sleep. Anyways, I was driving and closed my eyes for a sec and as I did this I had a rush of images...I thought that was I was dreaming right away. I have had many episodes this summer of feeling really nauseated and bouts of daytime sleepiness....I think I can chalk it up to having many seizures. I have blanked out a couple of times....I'm a student during the day and I was at my computer typing and I heard myself'm slowing down....I had an awareness that I was slowing down and then I could hear this was a nothingness....then I came to and thought wow...where did I go...the last time I remember that I was in grade 10 at the provincials for track and field....I was at the starting line and there was nothing...then when I woke up everybody was done the race...I was just still in the ready position.

I don't think I am going to consider medications....well, I have lived with this all my life....they want to put me on meds that will make me have suicidal thoughts, make me dizzy, sick to my stomach, tired and I battle all of these, (besides the suicidal thoughts) anyways! I'm not sure there is an advantage to taking the medication...can anyone tell me any different????

try the meds, your doctor can help you find the right one or combo. Side effects might not happen. Without meds, it could get worse.
Best wishes,

yu seem to have discribed several different seizures absence seizures others would be simple partial. AUras could land on those which would also be your Deja vu. I was diagnosed at 13. I had  a grande mal at school when I was 12. I was also written up for day dreaming fo a few years. The teachers wrote me up but could not tell me why I had some of the highest scores in class.  I have been living with epilepsy for over 50 years so I also know thay you may not have known they were seizures but you might have had them for years. When I was diagnosed they didn't have all the types of seizures. I have grande mal,pettit mal and focal motor epilepsy.

Again check with your neuro. You might also get the My Epilepsy Diary from theis site and use it input your information and use it because the information can be used by your neuro and he might see procedures or medications and dosages or changes that might help get you seizure free.

A lot of people misdiagnose add, when in fact it is epilepsy. The zoning out are small brain zaps, or simple partial seizures. Yes, keppra will put you to sleep like a baby.

The memory loss is a side effect of epilepsy itself.
Best wishes

A small follow up.... I also have trechtillomania and have had issues for decades chewing objects like pens, straws, pencils, multiple knuckles on my fingers.  Could this be automatism or caused by partial complex seizures? 

Trechtillomania is pulling of hair... for me it was eyebrows or eye lashes in high school.  It manifested or changed to facial hair when I got older.  It seems to occur when I am zoning out and don't even realize its happening.


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