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November and Epilepsy

Hi everybody!

This is my first year being diagnoses with epilepsy. I know March 26 is purple day and everybody should show their support. However, I was wondering if there was a particular day in November when we should all wear purple too because it is the actual awareness month. If you please know anything I would love to know.



 March 26th is Nation Purple Day Awareness Day

That would be the day everybody should wear purple. Awareness is what is needed. Most younger people (35 and younger) DO not realize all the issues many of us went thru. Many people think because they have technology that this information has been out fo a long time.

Back in the 1960's people with epilepsy were still being put in homes away from the public. Some states were even denying people with epilepsy marriage licenses into the 1970's and later.

Many homes didn't have computers until hte late 1990's. The web wasn't existant. Libraries were used to get informwtion and the information was years old because it took time to publish books.

The tests used back then have been replaced MRIs and CT scans. Medications are being created for different types of seizures rather than seizures periord. The newer medications do not drug you down as much.

I am trying to think of diffeent ways to get more attention and more awareness could be gotten if we got more professional sports teams to back us like they do cancer and their pink ribbons. or like they have the Heart  association.

Hope this helps


Have you checked

Yes, I have checked

My question was that November being the chosen month for Epilepsy Awareness, if there was a particular day in NOVEMBER that we should all wear purple

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