meds again---- help!

I was diagnosed 11 years ago... went 6 years on various meds, mostly topomax (controlled seizures--- had HORRIBLE side effects relating to feeling depressed and sometimes manic).  last 5 years have been off the meds, and good.  Starting having seizures again recently (EEG confirmed)--- pretty sure it's only been since the 2 miscarriages I've had (Nov, Mar), so possibly related?


Anyway, my dr wants to put me on lamictal right away.  My reaction is not good--- I've seen what drugs like this do to me, and I'm not excited.  Is it worth the risk of trying some alternatives? (I'm also vit. d def.... possibly up this level?); my seizures are simple partial... I know they are happening, and they feel like zone outs so to speak.  Today has sucked... felt like one giant seizure this afternoon.  Know I need to do something, but am afraid of lamictal.


Can anyone with experience on Lamictal discuss the side effects, effectiveness, etc?  Anyone trying alternative options?


Re: meds again---- help!

I know it is hard making changes .I also know that when you look at side effects and see all the things listed they can make you aprehensive. I have not taken topimac unless it was in a blind study on new medications. I have taken many different AEDs  along with their generics.

Undertsand that all those side effect do not happen to everybody. each side effect listed has a small percentage of people how have that side effect happen to them. Generally side effects last  a short =while and that is until your body get used to the medicine and dosage. I guess in the 50 yearsI have takem AEDs I can tell you how many side effects I have had and they can all be counted on 1 hand and have a digit left. In other words I have had side effects to 1 medication and that side effectwas for a few seconds which happened 4 times in the last 3 months.

Generally side effects are in percentages ranging from 5-8 percent. If you don't know percentages that would be 5-8 people in every 100. There are some but not many where the pecentage is 12% which calculated out would be 12 iin every 100 people

You might talk to your doctor and ask him how many people he has put on the medicine and ask him about the side effects.

As for me I wanted to be seizure free so I didn't worry about the side effects. With that attitude I have been doing good.

I hope this helps


Re: meds again---- help!

I do not have experience on Lamictal but I can share with you my exp. I have epilepsy for 1x years already and I have changed medicines for a few times, tegretol, keppra...etc, other names I cannot recall.

I do look at side effect but as there is nothing much I can do, I can only trust the doctor's expertise as I want to be seizure free - I would say give it a go.

Re: meds again---- help!

yes, Lamictal was my first med used when I was diagnosed at age 45.   No seizures before that.  I loved that drug.   I am allergic to everything.  Problem is, it only lasted two years then stopped working for me.  It never made me depressed or drowsy or sick.  I even drove for a while.  (not any more)   Not like some of these others drugs, wow.    I am now 58.  I had partials.  Now I have grand mals.  I do not know when mine or coming or when they have occurred.  No family history.  Stress can play a role.  You have had some major stress in your life.  (2 miscarriages).   I was a manager, moved to a new state, child with CP, and had an un supportive spouse.  What type of alternative options are you referring to?  I am not open to surgery.  The special diet, exercise...?  Can you be more specific?

When I removed some of my major stressors, I cut my meds to half dosage, I walk, and my grand mals are not longer 2 or 3 times a week. 
Don't be afraid. Lamictal was easy to dump.  Hope this helps.