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TLE and Memory Loss

Earlier this year, I have been noticing that my memory hasn't been as good as it usually is. This past semester in college I didn't get the good grades that I am used to getting in my classes and I think that it is due to my memory in some way. On Monday, I found out that I have Medial Temporal Lobe Epilepsy. The way my neurologist's nurse explained the term, it was a full diagnosis. I want to hear that again. I was happy to hear that I am a likely candidate for Epilepsy surgery and all that. I have been dealing with Epilepsy since I was 2 years old. I am 22 years old and I am happy I know my type of Epilepsy in full medical terms.

Has anyone experienced memory loss due to TLE? Any comments or responses will be very helpful.




Memory loss can be attributed to many things. Medicines for many things can cause some memory loss. A quetion would be was it short term memory loss or long term mamory loss.

Glsd to hear that you are a candidate for surgery. I hope it is successful and you become seizure free.

I am having trouble with short term memory loss.  

You might get the diary up there   ^^^^^ and use it. Watch the video which can show you how to put info in it and understand that the diary can be sent to your neuro which gives him more information. There is an area for notes. You can note your memory lose there and that way he has that information ot work with. Memory comes from one area of the brain so try and find out if that area has anything wrong with it.

My epilepsy is caused by scared brain tissue which is on several lobes basically on the left side of my brain. My focal motor seizures all started with my right hand itwould start to srise up once it got shoulder high I was going into a convulasion which started no my right side and moved to the full body.

If the seizure activity is in the area memory is in that could be the cause. It does not mean that you wil always have issues with your memory.

Good luck and I do hope you get things back to normal and are seizure free.

Thank you. From what they told me, I have scar tissue on the left side of my brain due to a stroke I had before I was born which also caused me to have Cerebral Palsy.

A better question to ask: Has anyone with Epilepsy not experienced memory loss?

You probably have Left Mesial Temporal Lobe Epilepsy. The left side involves memory, reasoning, "cognitive ability". Mesial means the damage on the brain is involving the hippocampus. (The opposite would be "lateral", or  outside / not touching the hippocampus). Have a look at the MRI and get a good look at the hippocampus. Look for any shrinkage or reduction in size.

As a result, I will focus on one thing at a time; not "multi-task". I also write everything down. I often ask someone to repeat themselves (not embarrasing). And believe it or not, I have to scan any information I write for grammar or spelling errors.

I have had epilepsy all my life(45 yrs.) and had right temporal lobectomy at 17. The surgery did lessen the amount of seizure's I have but at that time the surgery was still in research stage and did not completely rid me of my epilepsy. Even though mine was on the right side, I still had a great deal of memory loss. Retired from work 2 yrs. ago as a produce manager at a grocery chain because my memory had worsened to the point that I could not keep up with all the duties that I needed to perform even though I had been in that job for 6 year's. Given the prior statement, my management above me were constantly on my back causing great stress which caused more seizures which I believe also effects your memory. So I felt I was in a situation that would get worse before it got better and retired after 23 yrs. with the company. But you can attribute memory loss to med's, seizure's, or surgery. But the end result for all of us is that at some point there will be memory loss and if you can keep a written record of all that you need to achieve, it will make thing's much easier.

Congrats on being a candidate for surgery.  An idea to help with memory - have you tried Lumosity Games (  My memory has been horrible since my surgery 2 years ago - could be all the meds I have been on in life, surgery, who knows.  Lumosity does help with a lot of things like memory, focus and attention to detail.  Give it a try.  Those games and my occupational therapist help me out lots.

Good Luck


VivaciousGemini, you've gotten some very informative responses, but I thought I would add my two cents. My family and I lived in a house for 10 months last year, but we moved out a few months before my TLE diagnosos--right and left. I went back to clean the house a few days ago and it felt really strange because I couldn't remember living there. I had bits and pieces of memories, but the overall memory of daily activities, even my job at that time, just wasn't there. It was so scary. I started taking meds this May and my memory is so much better. I feel like I lost almost a year of my life and now I understand why my husband was so frustrated with me for not remembering things, but I couldn't remember NOT remembering things at that time.

Now, I'm starting grad school on Monday and I'm a little nervous about retaining new information. I went ahead and read the first chapters of a few of my books and the information seemed easy enough. We'll see how this turns out!

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