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Lost my job this past May due to mostly my brain.  I worked for an attorney, and I was not cut out for the requirements such as multi-tasking, attention to detail, and a fast paced environment; not to mention my inability to concentrate and that my short term memory has packed up and left.   Fast forward to August, I went through the hiring process with Fed ex, and when I got the physical I had to disclose my seizure disorder.  I do not fit the criteria for the D.O.T..  A person has to be seizure free for ten years, and not on medication.  My seizures are when I am sleeping and I have not had one in over six years. Dilantin is still my drug of choice.  Back to the drawing board.  Have been having trouble with depression, a bonus when having a seizure disorder.  I am 52 years old, my only working experience is in an office and that is not an option. I am ready to declare a disability, but not sure I am ready for the red tape that goes with.  I need the income, and am in good shape and health otherwise.  It seems the job competition is tough and I am trying to figure out where to go next. Anyone familiar with the process of getting hired with a disability?  God I hate the label.


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Gwen,  Are you still monitoring this site?

My situation is very similar to yours and I wondered how it turned out since your post was from 2009.

I'm 54 and still employed and getting by on a temporary medical restriction to allow time to regain my skills from my last seizure 5 months ago.  My previous seizure was 6 years before this.  I too have trouble with multi-tasking, attention to detail, working in a fast paced environment, concentration, short term manager is ruthless in how he treats all employees but his behavior is especially focused on me and has impacted my overall health and caused more stress and auras/seizures.

If I can't perform at the levels I was previously and the group can't/won't accommodate a permanent restriction then I will be unemployed.   Like you I wondered about disability, am in good shape and health so most people wouldn't know I have epilepsy.  That said, I'm not sure if I would even come close to qualifying even though I am having trouble performing my occupation as a consultant and trainer.

I too liked Dilantin but upon recommendation of my Dr. because he didn't like the long term side effects of Dilantin.  I was doing well on Dilantin and now on Lamictal and I don't care for the side effects.  

So how did things turn out for you.  I hope in looking back you are at a good place now.  We both know the whole 'disability' thing is hard to grasp and harder to describe to friends when they can't know the changes we have to deal with in handling our responsibilities.   Recently after forgetting details of our plans a close friend lovingly called me 'Dodo'...ouch.  Sucks. Pauline


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I know how hard it is to give up a job. I worked my way up for 30 years and then started getting grand mal seizures and having problems speaking which was a huge part of my job along with multi tasking, since I had a lazy boss. I was 45 when I had my first one shopping with my daughter who at the time was 11. The answer to your question is yes you can get social security disability and long term disability from your employer if you paid into it. Of course you need a lawyer to get the benifits owed to you. Im still struggling day by day with the you never now when the big one is gonna come. I dont drive anymore, which was a huge adjustment, and I use to fly for my job also,so I was very social, were now Im very quiet, cause of my speech seizure, I stutter and have very short term memory. Drives my kids NUTS! I stopped going to specialist and hospitals, they never helped. My family doc has helped me more. Im on Klopin 5mg 3 times a day and Remeron at night. I have little seizures, but can control them now. Good luck and you worked long enough especially if your boss is a jerk, Im now 56 and my husband is retiring next year and Im going to be a grandmother, so life does work out. Best wishes on your situation. Deb

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I was in the work force from the time I was 16 years old doing various jobs some which would be considered safe for people with seizures and some very unsafe the point is it finally caught up to me I was forced into a postion where I had to take a disabitlity pension or starve but that was when I was 57 years old and I had worked for about 30 of the 40 years in between with this pension I have I am also aloowed to earn up to $800.00 a month and quite often I do part time work and along with my $900.00 pension I earn another $400- 600.00 a month not great but with simple living I get by and save a little and manage to go on a vaction once a year I have to work at it and it may not be europe or asia or some other m0nth long vaction but 2 weeks mid winter to Mexico is real nice to me.

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That's bad. But in France will be a same situation with shame to add.
Sorry for my bad english (or american) language, i'm french and my mother tongue is better to explain any problem, any reponse.