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Have any of you heard of the Regional Center Services? I just found out about it in CA. Although, I don't know anyone that's actually been in the program.
Have any of you had experiences with the program?


no what is it

I'm not sure but as far as I know, its a social service program for people with: some form of retardation, cebral palsey, autism or EPILEPSY. I guess they offer a wide variety of services.

Hi MisJoey101,

Do you mean the pending "Regional Model" under "MMCD Expansion"? (The names and acronyms seem to be nothing but
recycled goobledygook for the previous "Regional Center Programs").

I don't know if the medical center I was last at is going to join into the new Model. That center told me to get
out because my epilepsy was too big of a liability for them, and they claimed immunity from the ADA for being a
"sovereign nation" funded center, funded by casinos, both off any reservation.

The dates, locations, groupings, corporations, etc., are still changing/delayed, and what not.

Some of the official health hieroglypics that I'm under, and trying to decipher, are at:
and maybe the "Regional Model" at:

I'm skeptical of the "improvement", as all past improvements have been just further reductions in quantity & quality.

One corporation has the "connect portal" (and many other links, so far all excluding epilepsy), and something about
getting remote specialists' services maybe over an iPhone or something:
(the content keeps evolving & mutating)
but, as per the cartoon, epileptics are probably regarded as too salty of drops in the ocean waves for the joining doctors to wish to surf upon.

The likely corporation for my area has kept some of the same happy pictures as the previous Regional Center Program:

I may have been to a branch of a Regional Service Center, where the neurologist remarked to me "You have a brain tumor or something?",
but his listed protocols had already provided much discouragement to any lasting engagement. And the results so far
involving epilepsy & neurologists, are "Sorry, no posts matched your criteria."

Excludingly distant "'Regional Center Services' epilepsy" searches all cross so far for me disqualifing "Magical California
County Lines":
(which seem in the majority to focus upon developmental disabilities, such as:
(I used to reside in Santa Cruz County of California, now I'm out in the sticks of Northern California).


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