Effects of partial seizure

I live alone and am affected by nocturnal tonic and partial seizures. I've always wondered: is it possible for someone to move the affected limbs or body of someone having a seizure, whether it is a partial or tonic-clonic seizure? What happens when they attempt to move you? And if that other person does move your limbs or body, could they bring you out of the seizure?


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No one can bring you back from a TC by moving you. When convulsing, it would be very hard to move someone. Muscles are so tense and hard a rock, flexing a limb would be impossible. When my son had his one TC all I could do was to out his on his side so he could breath and stroke his hairand sing to him, that is all that I figure i can do. I have seen people in you tube that they actually try to sit people up and stimulate massage the back and muscles to stimulate consciousnesses and breathing.

Nurses and neuro have told me that seizures are self resolving and nothing needs to be done, other than to make sure people don't hit their heads or choke.

Good luck

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effects of a seizures seen on felt and seen on both sides has been interesting for me.  I am a Neurodiagnostic Tech..

What you have been told is perfect!   My partial seizures people generally don't notice until I do some unusual movements.  I walk, I hug and stare.  I have had 2 surgeries to control the surgeries. I found out in the last 4 years that the abnormality via a fancy MRI my abnormality was a birth defect deep in the brain but showing obvious on the EEG but nothing on a CT or reg. MRI until recently.  I have tried all medications.  I am married, work when I can and I have raised two children now in college, who are healthy. 

I still have seizures and would like to go back to a full time position.  I am a University Hospital and they have been patient with other health issues.  They noted that the seizures are not under control but my cognitive factor is off at times with seizure activity.     6000 mg. of Keppra, 460 of Zonegran, 0.75 of Klonopin and  Ativan with flurry sz.

I am better but I get confused periodically and don't know where I am.  I have walked in neighborhoods twice recently and increase of the VNS and med. and look into possible surgery.   Patient Epileptologist  I have simple partials daily, partial complex 2 times a week and generalized maybe 2 times a year.

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When my kids were little, we had "drills" after two of them saw me have a TC--they said it looked like the Incredible Hulk--and I told them then to wait until it was over. That's what I learned from reading--back in the '70's! I've had a love-hate relationship with epilepsy for awhile.

I do want to mention something, since I, too, live alone. Do you have a really close, trusted friend or relative you can give a spare key to, if you haven't done so already? You might want to do that, and have her/him call you on occasion, or if you don't seem to feel well. It's also good to call that person if you are having an argument with your brain! I have such a friend...she was there for me, fed my cats, called my mom (in another state!) to let her know what hospital I landed at, everything. I don't wish any of that on you or anyone else, but it is important for someone who lives alone to have A+ backup! 

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Hi, and thanks for the kind advice.  I have given a spare key to my brother who lives 10 min away.  I recently moved into a a condo building, and don't really know anyone enough to give them a spare key.  But I'll work on it :)