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I'm 15 and I've been having fits for 9 years normally my fits are caused by shocks like someone dropping something, being startled and that sort of thing. they cause auras which I have at least once everyday at my first shock. then once every 3-5 days that aura will develop in to a fit.
however over the last few days i've been having loads of repeated auras often brought on by just thinking about them it all started off on staturday where for some horrible reason i had 2 seizures in one day then on Monday I had another seizure then after that it all began i started having small auras weak but about every 5 minutes over the last few days they've progressed getting stronger but sometimes less frequent now they are really painfull, worst then actually having a fit. even though they aren't leading on to any seizures they still have just as much pain, its apsolutely killing me and i was wondering if any of you have had anything similar. or do you know how to control the anxiety at least


That sounds awful. I have nothing helpful to say except that my son's epilepsy now seems to be almost completely confined to simple (and possibly sometimes complex) partial seizures and he says they're painful. He also gets a headache that can last for quite a bit afterward. What meds are you on? 

Forever mom to a great guy with FAS, very premature birth, institutional deprivation syndrome, tourettism, sleep disorders, a bunch of medical Dxs and epilepsy.

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