Prescription discount

For those within the United States that do not have insurance or not good insurance there is a discount card online.  I have not personally used it because I have pretty good insurance and its like $5 more with the discount card, but it may help some.  I take 375mg of generic Lamictal a day and the website said at my local pharmacy the price would be $15, so I called to see what it would be self pay and they said $430 per month.  There is no way I could afford that if I didnt have insurance.  The website is .  It's a free discount card according to the site, you can check the drug prices and find a local pharmacy that takes the card.  If it helps someone great if not nothing lost.


Re: Prescription discount

Thank you for this information.  I just forwarded it to my local epilepsy support group.  I know several people who can't afford their AEDs.

Re: Prescription discount

I have used a discount rx company online and recieved Levetrastam (spelled wrong) generic Keppra 500 mg 3 per day and got a 90 day supply for $50.00. The generic er which is like xr is $160.00 for 90 days. They do not carry brand name drugs. I found it on       the web site name is I found it to be a blessing and I hope others do to. I do not have insurance at this time.