Anxiety attacks or simple partial seizures and dejavu??

Hey there,

 I can't believe I'm typing this out because to everyone I've ever spoken to looks at me like i'm crackers. 

My name is Anna, I'm 27 years old.  I have a loving family, great group of friends, have no past traumatic experiences, no head injuries.  I am a very sensitive girl. 

This all sort of kicked off when I was 22, I started feeling very anxious about situations, I'd get terribly worked up and stressed about it.  A lot down to sistuations I was in at the tiem.  I was in my 2nd year at Uni, wasn't doing so well, was homesick and had awful living situations with the people I was living with causing me nothing but hassle and worry.  I soon started having these episodes.  Now, I cant pin down when exactly it started but I know it carried on.  I'd go into a daze, a rush of fear would sweep over me and a feeling like nothing ever before and then this hideous feeling of de javu would come on me. I couldn't speak properly, if in conversation whatever someone was saying would feel like i'd heard it before, or if watching TV I'd heard it before.  I couldn't even get the words out to say " give me a moment"  whether that was sheer embarrassment of this thing I was experiencing I couldnt understand I'm not sure.  If I did speak (i.e. to my boyfriend who knows) he'd tell me after I'd made no sense.  Then poof it was over in seconds, but what I was thinking? Not a clue... but each time I had an episode it was all so familiar. I'd sometimes dream about them, thus causing the feeling in my sleep. 

Now, i've always been a deep thinker (my worst arch enemy), and I do have the best memory ever, but the fact I couldn't remember this de javu I kept experiencing bothered me.  I wouldn't let it drop so kept trying to remember, and then i'd have more.  I was stressed and anxcious about it, and about having another one...which in turn caused another. I went to the doctors who tried to throw pills at me saying I was depressed, but even though I felt low for the fact I couldnt epxlain what was happening, I certainly didnt think I was depressed. I was sent to councelling sessions who tried to dig deep in my past and find out what I was holding back.  Making me over anyalize old situatuions wondering if they triggered all this, and the de javu was something I wanted to remember but couldnt.  It was crap because Ive got no demons in my closet! Others said it was anxiety attacks... So I just manned up and dealt.  I looked at anxiety free diets.  I cut out caffiene, I hardly drink, I try to eat fresh and organic foods. And when I get the surge that I might get one I change my activity or distract myself. However, there are the big ones when I cant. I was doing a half marathon on Sunday and at about mile 9, in the heat ( i had drank lots...maybe not enough?) the feeling came over me.  I had no way to distract myself because it was me alone running a race! I tried to keep running and hope it would brush over me... but it didnt.  De Javu. However, i've learnt to get myself out of them by saying everything is okay and it goes. i cant even tell you what I thought of other than it was that same feeling.  I taste odd tastes, I think a smell too? I swallow alot and suddenly get very hot in the face and sweaty (could of been more about the running this time) 

It leaves me feeling upset with myself for days after. Not because of the experience but the fact I cant control them and that no one understands, me included.  My family are supportive but I think they're getting bored of hearing about it.  I'm so worried about pushing my boyfriend away with this as well, we've been together 4 years now and I dont wnat to be that mental girl hes with. 

I dont know if this is any help but I was a late developer, I didnt start my periods until I was about 18/19 and then wouldn't have them regular at all... i'd go 6 months, 3 months, 5 weeks etc.  Only a few months ago after tests have I been told that I have PCOS.  Even though I have PCOS I had tests but my hormonal balance came back fine?! (still dont understand how that works!)I've read this could be linked with simple partial seizures.  Which, I guess does make sense because I didnt start periods until later then once i'd got into a pattern these episodes happened.  I have just started taking the Pill, which has leveled periods out but ive had more episodes since being on it than not.  I have taken the pill in the past and the one before made it worse.

I'm not sure but I'm feeling really alone with it all. 

I dont think I help myself sometimes though, because I'm constantly worried about having one which makes me so tense and nervous about experiencing it again.... which could egg one on.

 Is this a simple partial seizure or is it just anxiety? 

Any advice would be great.  I've booked a doctors visit next week. 




Re: Anxiety attacks or simple partial seizures and dejavu??


First of all, you're not alone and you're not crazy. What you're describing sound like simple partial seizures. I have these same episodes, moreso in the beginning when I was first diagnosed. I also have PCOS. While being treated for PCOS, my seizures began. I can tell you right now - STOP taking birth control! This will make your seizures worse (PCOS makes our bodies and hormones all wacky. the hormones in BC pills can worsen the effects and cause more seizures). I only say this because the same thing happened to me. After years of hormone therapy, and treatments for PCOS I began to have seizures. Instead of treating my problem, they stuck a bandaid on it. Gynocologists should not treat PCOS. Please make an appt. with an Endocrinologist...believe me, it makes a world of difference.

Unfortunately, I waited too late to stop hormone therapy, the damage was already done. After 2 weeks I began to have the same seizures you describe, along with several other types you may be having and are not aware of.

Dr's say there's no coorelation between PCOS and Epilepsy. I beg to differ. We know our bodies better than anyone. I was perfectly healthy, minus girly issues, until hormone therapy sent my system into reboot, thus causing seizures.

I'm so glad you made an appt. with a Neurologist. Make sure you keep a seizure diary. It can be so hard to explain what's going on during a seizure; how you feel, etc. What I found, is the fact that what I thought was going on was completely different than what actually happened. If you have witnesses to your episodes, have he or she write it down or even go with you to give the Dr a description of the episode. The more information and documentation you have the better. It makes it easier for the Dr to make a specific diagnosis and know what to look for in the EEG/MRI.

SOrry to be so long-winded...It's my thing :) Read my story if you like. I describe many of the same feelings as you. I also had a photographic memory and was/is a very deep thinker. Like I said, you're not alone:)

If you need to talk, email me anytime. Take care sweetie and let us know what the Dr says!

Angela Sanders

Re: Anxiety attacks or simple partial seizures and dejavu??

Wow Angela,  thank you so much for coming back to me. 

I had attacks around the time I first started birth control pills when I was 22. I then stopped them, then started them again.  Then stopped.  Recently started again on Yasmin.  However, this last time is only due to finally finding out I had PCOS. 

What a pain hey?!  And only one of my ovaries is PCOS, the other is fine apparently! I must admit Ive felt more edgy since going back on them.  However, not to the extent of before. I keep saying to myself its physcological and that I keep imagining it all because of taking this birth control stuff. 

Do you think if I come off I'll go back to normal? I have had a year or so off before and still had these episodes or attacks as I call them... especially just before and when I'm on.  I really hate being a female sometimes!I feel constantly worried about having another one which I cant imagine helps.  My boyfriend has been present when I've had one and he has just sat me down, held my hand and tried to calm me down. He said I talk jibberish and make no sense when I talk (if I do), they really frighten me because I dont remember what I'm thinking about. Ive tried to warn my boyfriend (if hes present) before as I can feel them coming on but I do try my hardest to divert my attention to avoid one.  The fact I sometimes can divert them makes me wonder if it is partial seizures or not?  

Yeah, I'm 100% seeing my doctor first then hopefully she will refer me.  my whole family think i'm the 'wet' one and that i'm the over thinker thats imagining things.  Not the most supportive, even though I know they love me.  Ive read your story and seems like youve been through so much.  I dont feel fantastic after having one, I beat myself up about it and think about it more which I think encourage another. 

I've been so so much better than I used to be but I just want to know, because once I know I can get on and work through it.  I'll be less embarrassed too.  I dont want to take meds for it really....I want to do this on my own and I know I can... deep down I'm a positive, strong willed, confident girl but its a bit blurred right now.


Thank you so much, because in all the years Ive hunted for an answer ...only since yesterday have I been on to something.  I saw two videos on Youtube about girls who suffered the same things I did. I want to get better. I will no doubt be in touch :) xx


Re: Anxiety attacks or simple partial seizures and dejavu??

Oh honey... You sound just like me:( I used to think I was somehow creating this in my mind. If I was creating it, I could control it and make it go away. I was terrified and in denial for so long.

You're not crazy my dear. I can feel mine coming on too. I've learned that with breathing and trying not to freak out, I can talk myself down. You're doing the right thing. It's not psychological, but stress can play a major factor in having these seizures. It's usually the number one trigger. Also, anxiety can run high when we over-think what's happened and "worry" when it will happen again. Luckily, it sounds like you have aura's like me; they let you know when one's coming on. I usually feel like a blood rushing, tingly feeling in my arms, hot flash or even hives. Sometimes I'll even feel like an electric shock or just become confused. Don't be scared or get down on yourself.

You're still as normal as everyone else! Remember, Epilepsy is just a small part of who we are, it doesn't define us. Once you see a Dr and start getting some answers to validate your feelings, things will begin to turn around...I promise!!

I understand not wanting to take the meds, but in my experience they've given me a better quality of life. Don't get me wrong, it took some time getting used to them (that's the worst part), but afterward I started feeling more like me again.

I was so
grateful when I found this website. Although I had family support, it wasn’t
the same. They couldn’t possibly understand what I was feeling or going
through. They’re wonderful, but there’s nothing like having a support group and
speaking to others that know exactly what you’re going through. Chin up!!! Talking to people helps. I promise! I remember my first day on the site. I just sat and cried. I finally realized I wasn't crazy and there were people out there who understood.

Bless you sweetie!!! If you need to vent, I'm here. Email me anytime!!!

Re: Anxiety attacks or simple partial seizures and dejavu??

Yeah,  I stopped drinking coffee because of it.  I work in an extremely frantic work environment at the best of times and that teamed with caffiene used to make me constantly have them!I've even considered a career change because of the stress levels but havent a clue what to go into. 

So would you suggest to come off the birth control pills? Doctors are so frustrating, I cant tell you how many doctors Ive seen about this and NONE have ever said a bean about epilepsy.  All pointed to being depressed or having anxiety or panic attacks.  Makes you realise why people go private with health care! I have heard stories like many when you over anaylize your symptoms.  Being convinced you have a certain illness when you dont... that its all in your head. Some of the girls I saw on Youtube had said they'd been to EEG's and nothing had come up yet they experienced the mirror of what I do.  In some ways I hope something does come up so I finally know, but at the same time I want to be okay.

With the meds thing... I guess i'm wary. Knowing how birth control has caused a right pain in my life that why shouldnt anything else. 

Do you have a specific diet you follow?  Or have foods/drinks you avoid? Do you do any activities to help you?

 Thank you so much again.  i will deffo take you up on your email offer! its so weird to finally read what actually happens to me..... I really dont feel alone anymore.

I'm giving the website and yourself a massive hug! 


Re: Anxiety attacks or simple partial seizures and dejavu??

You're very welcome :) HUGS right back to ya!!!

I haven't changed anything specific in my diet because of Epilepsy, for PCOS mostly. I had a number of things go wrong because of over-medication/treatment for PCOS. My pituitary gland shut down because of too many years on hormones/BC pills. I now have a thyroid condition as a result. I cut my coffee intake in half, eat no more than 1% fat dairy products and eat less fatty foods. Also, due to my medication, I can't eat sage or drink certain citrus juices. Oh and I don't drink can cause you to have a seizure too. A glass of wine here and there is ok, but moderation is key.

I'm not a Dr, so I can't tell you what to do, only what worked for me. I was prescribed Yasmin too. It worked for a while, but my symptoms became worse after about 6 months. This is when they began to pump me full of hormones...progestrone, eldosterol, you name it. It was horrible! Since you're already having seizures, If it were me, I wouldn't stay on the pill. It's said that for many female epileptics, "that time of the month" can also be a trigger - sounds like you may be one of them. With added hormones, YIKES!!!

Don't let anyone make you think you're nutso. They have no idea what's going on inside your body. Until they experience something that renders them helpless and unable to speak or communicate, they shouldn't say a word. (Just my loud mouth opinion:)

Many Dr's who haven't worked with Epileptics usually pass simple partial seizures off as anxiety or panic attacks, depression, etc. That's why it's imperitive you see a Neurologist. Even if your EEG comes back normal, that will not rule out the presence of seizure activity. You have witnesses and based on my own experience, what I've read and what my Dr's have told me, your experiences almost mirror some of my own.

As for the meds, I'll be honest with you. They're no walk in the park, but a necessary evil. I didn't want to take them for the exact same reason as you. I had been pumped full of drugs for so long and had so many side effects, I was DONE!!! However, taking the meds changed my life and gave me "normal" back. You and your Dr will hav eto find the right combination for you. You're a tough chic!! You can handle it. The first few weeks are awful, I won't lie. No energy, moody, somewhat aggressive and TIRED!!!! Your memory will most likely be effected, but it's only temporary for the most part. I know this sounds terrible, but believe me, it gets better. The initial side effects wear off and hopefully you'll have seizure control...the light at the end of the tunnel :)

Re: Anxiety attacks or simple partial seizures and dejavu??

What i'll do is finish my pack of pills for this month so I'm not all over the shop.  Then I'll come off. I seem to get them with or without the pill.  I have had them since being on Yasmin but not like I did on the other ones Ive been on.  I honestly think this is all linked to PCOS. If I didnt want kids so badly i'd sort myself out! Ive also been told im going to have problems having them too... but thats a whole different tale!

I have to wait until next week to get to see the nice doctor I like... So i've got to wait until then, then hopefully she will refer me. Youre very right about people.  I guess I need to find a balance of not over talking about it... i guess ive always been seeking that sentence "Dont worry Anna you're perfectly fine" but thats not the reaction I get.  

What would you suggest if I go for tests and nothing comes up? Am I to battle on further?  Haha i'm so sorry Ive latched onto you and thrown my questions at you. 

You must having a loving family who understands.  My boyfriend is my absolute rock with all this. He has pulled me threw.  Although to start with he got snappy because he didnt understand, even though he still doesnt understand he a lot more calm with me.  My parents dont really understand as my brother and sister are absolutely normal... then there is there youngest! hehe. 

 Thank you so much Angela! I need more everyday friends like you xx

Re: Anxiety attacks or simple partial seizures and dejavu??

If all of your findings come back normal, keep pressing on. EEG's, while they are the most accurate source for picking up seizure activity, you may not have one during the test. If it's normal, or even if it isn't I would suggest getting a VEEG (Video/Ambulatory EEG). It usually lasts anywhere from 2-4 days. You wear a monitor and have wires glued to your head and ches. (You'll look funny, but it's very precise:) Although my 1st EEG was abnormal, they couldn't really tell me where my seizures originated from or why I was having them to begin with. The VEEG provided more answers. I learned most of my seizures generated from my left temporal lobe with activity in my frontal lobe as well. They still claimed they had no idea what caused my seizures, but as I told you I have my own theory based on what I've researched about PCOS and Epilepsy.

As for not being able to have children due to PCOS; it's true it may be difficult to conceive without a little extra help...BUT and I mean a BIG but, it's not impossible!!! I was told for years I would never conceive due to PCOS and endometriosis. I should just have a hysterectomy and get it over with. I ignored those dummies and proceeded on with my life. After years of longing for a child, at the age of 32, I was blessed with my miracle baby boy, 10-21-2009! He's nothing short of a miracle!!! I talked to several Gyno/OB's and each one said it would be impossible, until I found Dr. Yochim. He put me on a fertility medication (Clomid) to help me ovulate, said if it worked it could be 3-6 months before I saw a result! I was pregnant in 2 weeks!!! Woo Hoo!! SOOOOO, when I tell you nothing's impossible, I'm living proof. I don't know how religious you are and I would never want to push anything on you, but I would like to share a scripture that kepps me going. Luke 18:27 "What's impossible with men, is possible with God". My faith in God strengthens me during tough times, and believe me there have been a lot!!! Right now as a matter of fact, but I dont' want to bore you:)

Another thing that will help you ovulate is Metformin (See an Endocrinolgist). Many PCOS patients, including myself are prescribed it for several reasons. Most of us are insulin resistant and do not ovulate. Metformin not only controls your insulin, but makes you ovualate. YAH!!! Before Metformin, I can't tell you the last time I ovulated... Even though I had cycles run amok, ovulation NEVER came afterward. All of these things combined have changed my life. It's so funny, you and I are so similar :) You're around the age I was when I started having problems.

I would like to suggest one more thing...information is key! Have your family get on this forum and READ about other people experiencing these same things. It could open their eyes and allow them to be more sensitive and compassionate about your situation.

I wish I had someone near me like you too. I keep in touch with a lot of friends from this website on Facebook. We share stories and keep up to date on our health matters. You should join us :)

Re: Anxiety attacks or simple partial seizures and dejavu??

Hi Angela,

Long time no speak! I just wanted to let you know...that only last week I met with a neurologist after being told I had GAD by every GP.... That I'm having complex partial seizures. I am baffled tbh. I'm having a brain scan ASAP and he tried to get me on pills straight away. He did reflex tests and looked into my eyes with a torch, then said I had complex partial seizures. I even said when I walked in I think it's just panic attacks but described everything fully. He wouldn't of just said I was having seizures just from what I said? Would he? Surely he must of found something else? I'm a bit stunned, and scared. Part of me wants to be having seizures because after 7 years of having them... I can finally sort it out and that I haven't been over exaggerating for all these years.
I've finally got the support of all my family after them just not really understanding. I feel better, I've still had attacks or whatever they are but I'm worrying and thinking about them... Can that cause them? U can so see why people get confused if they're having attacks or seizures....

I hope you're well and hopefully chat soon xx

Re: Anxiety attacks or simple partial seizures and dejavu??

As know that you're not alone as I went thru the same thing years ago with these feelings coming on from nowhere and just not really knowing how to explain them other than I couldn't breathe and would feel a very heavy feeling in my cheast well after bringing it to my dr attention and wearing a monitor around for a week on my heart I was informed they were anxiety attacks and treated with anti-anxiety meds..  Well now 15 years later I believe different as the last few times I was to feel the same feeling I was to progress into a tonic-clonic seizure..  And yes I've had female issues for years not PSOS but have had a complete hyst due to endometriosis, unexplained hormonal migraines for years..  So now I think I was having simple-partials for years and didn't ralize it...  I do have a appt set up with my neuro on next tues since experiencing another tonic-clonic a week ago yesterday..

Re: Anxiety attacks or simple partial seizures and dejavu??

Aggy, I just came across this post. I hope you are still on this message board.

 I would like to ask you more about your deja-vus. I too have very odd symptoms which sound close to what you described. I sometimes will get a deja-vu when someone is speaking/watching television. Whatever word I hear morphs into the same phrase, which I can never remember after the fact. In fact, I have strained so much to remember, I even will have the memory of this word pop into my head from time to time. This usually envokes an anxious response from me and I still can't remember after the fact.

Is this similar to what you felt? Did it always sound like the same phrase to you? I would love your feedback.

Also, I hope you are doing much better and have found a regime which works for you.


Kind Regards,



Re: Anxiety attacks or simple partial seizures and dejavu??

Hey Jennifer,

Thanks for your message.

Since that post I went through tests and was diagnosed with Complex Partial Seizures after an irregular EEG. I went onto Keppra which made severely depressed and my symptoms even worse!

What you described was exactly the same as me, I found I was massively anxious afterwards and my mind kept going over it to desperately try to remember. I don't have that as much anymore - I think mainly due to acceptance that I have epilepsy.

If it helps I 100% understand what you're going through. It sounds like a seizure but with anxiety afterwards... Like me.

Have you been to see a neurologist?