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son's hallucinations..are the epilepsy related?

A month ago I found out my son has mesial temporal sclerosis. Because of his other symptoms the doctor diagnosed him with TLE. My son has vivid hallucinations. The doctor is now saying it does not add up to your everyday  typical TLE. I am wondering if anyone has vivid hallucinations with their TLE. If so, can I get some examples of them. The doctor is going to have a 3 day EEG done for him.




I had vivid "visual disturbances" when I was a child. I still get them once in awhile though they are usually not as strong. They are not hallucinations and your son is not mentally ill. Do not let anyone suggest that he is.

Visual auras can be from TLE and/or occipital lobe epilepsy. The images from occipital lobe epilepsy are better defined and have much more detail. I have gotten what I believe to be both together, especially after a TC where I banged the back of my head on the bathroom tiles when I hit the deck.

If your neuro is waffling, find a neuro who knows what he's doing. Your son needs proper treatment, not some idiot who doesn't know that these types of visual disturbances are not uncommon in children.

Best of luck.

Baruch Hashem. Hoshia na.

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Sometimes it can be difficult to discuss the idea of the imagination as it relates to normal human imagination (converting a written word on a book page into a mental image in the brain), the kind of normal imagination/visualization used by some gifted writers and some gifted Hollywood movie directors, and imaginations due to epilepsy including TLE/complex partials and so on. One can take a look at books like Nerves In Collision (about the many epilepsies) by Walter C. Alvarez, M.D. Do know of a neurologist from the UK who had a number of adult customers who claimed they had personal visitations from such persons as the Virgin Mary or St. Patrick of Ireland and some of them responded to the epilepsy medicine, Dilantin, which reduced/eliminated some of those experiences.

Hallucinations are caused by many things.  Basically by the brain....   An abnormality where a discharge that causes a seizure can give you a hallucination.  I had that when I was young it was spots and they would grow across my eye and spread to both eyes and then I do not remember.   

The doctors have given patients medications which cause hallucination to increase.   I had auditory hallucinations w/ those.  Topamax did that to me.

Hallucinations in the 60's and 70's were suppose to be great but for me I could not stand them.  Each patient is individual in their own case. 

I call it their own key signature.

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