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Hi.  I am having a problem loading the chat room page.  I use Vista and followed the solution process suggested in the Tech Help part of the site, but I do not find a task called "Command Prompt" anywhere.  Can someon help out?  I am using Windows Vista Basic edition, if that means anything.


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Thanks, Nerak95, but it's been a few weeks and they haven't responded.

Hi Philo,

 Sorry for missing your request. If you are using vista, have you kept up with upgrades? if not, please run this as latest versions fixed a bug that was problem for many. Then what browser are you using, is java enabled, and are popups allowed?

Why don't you email me all this info and I can help you work this out this week. Sorry for any delay - we'll get you into chat!


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Hi Epi_help.

Thanks for responding.  I sent you an e-mail with the info you requested...if you need more, just let me know in a reply.


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