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Temporal Lobe Epilepsy and Borderline Personality Disorder

I was diagnosed with BPD (borderline personality disorder) recently and have been having TLE symptoms as well. Is there a link between the 2? I read that it is a possibility that the activity from a TLE seizure has something to do with the mood swings and hallucinations, ...that a BPD person experiences. I had taken home an eeg for 24 hours and it showed nothing, so, I am totally confused. I know eeg's are usually normal with epilepsy, but, with 5 head injuries and a lesion  on my frontal lobe, what are my chances of having TLE as well??


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I have been diagnosed with BPD and bipolar.  On my second EEG I had temporal lobe seizure activity.  I think all three are related.

Seizure activity and the side effects of AEDs can mimic the "symptoms" that psychiatrists like to use for diagnosing a psych disorder. I'm absolutely amazed reading American Ep sites just how many of you have been dxd with bipolar/personality disorders and are subsequently pumped full of psychotropic drugs, but the American shrinks seem to love over- diagnosing.

If the seizures were there before the psych dx and if mental symptoms develop in relation to starting an AED, then there's a good chance they're related, and it may involve having to change AEDs, thogh it's not that esay given that EVERY aed drug has psychiatric side effects.

I'm speaking as someone who was diagnosed as "Borderline" over 20 years ago which happened to coincide with being put on phenobarb for my ep. It took nearly 20 years to get "undiagnosed" and finally vindicated by a psychiatrist who actually had training in neurology. Once you get given a psych label, it doesn't matter if it turned out to be a mistake, you can never get rid of it. Now that I'm no longer "borderline" I've noticed a big change in how I'm treated my the medical scene ie, I used to be treated really badly on the basis of my psych dx.

So I would ask your doc on what basis  your diagnosis was made, and question that your symptoms may be a direct result of ep/ side effects.

EEgs can benormal in TLe often the neural firing is too deep in the brain to register on EEg and if you are not having an actual sz when the EEg is taken it can give a false negative--ie it says you dont have E but you really do. If youe E is coming from rt side of brain it will more likely than not affect MOOD and BEHAVOIR. Left suide TLe is more schizo like w hallucinations. Corinna

I have been looking for answwers for 30 years--hence the other possibilities for seizures have been overlooked--to me there is no cause in my situation--since the nerves run throughout the body--could it be heart or sugar?

Changes in mood and/or behavior can happen in different types of epilepsy, not just temporal lobe epilepsy. The frontal lobe is also involved in regulating different types of behavior/mood. It's often hard to tell which behaviors are realted to seizures, underlying brain injury, or something else. One key is to track symptoms and note the length of changes, when they occur, what occurs, do the same symptoms happen each time or are they very different? Try using the seizure diary on the site to track symptoms. Then you can print out a report to share with the doctor. Hope this helps get some answers!



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