One third of people with epilepsy – approximately one million people in the United States -- live with uncontrolled seizures. Significantly more people live with less than optimal seizure control and/or unfortunate side effects from their treatment.

The Epilepsy Foundation believes this is unacceptable and, as an unwavering ally for all people living with epilepsy, works to ensure the field of epilepsy research remains vibrant, innovative and life-changing.

Our Impact

During more than 40 years of service, the Epilepsy Foundation and its generous supporters have channeled more than $52,000,000 into epilepsy research. 

The Foundation dedicates its research efforts toward:  

  1. Bringing new clinicians into the field
  2. Funding new therapies that will bring change in treatment and management for people with epilepsy in a timeframe that matters
  3. Encouraging exploration of key issues such as self-management, cognitive issues and researching the impact of public awareness, and
  4. Bringing attention to exciting ideas and therapies through our Seal of Innovation award.

Please consider a donation to help fund research and new therapies.

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Planting Seeds for the Future

Many of today’s educators, senior investigators, and thought leaders in the study of epilepsy were supported in their early careers with financial assistance from the Epilepsy Foundation.

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