Updated: 03/11/2022

Device Description

MJN-SERAS is a custom fit earpiece with 3 sensors to detect the brain activity and to warn the patient and caregivers between 1 and 3 minutes before of suffering a seizure. The earpiece and the algorithms are customized for each user.

It also detects the seizures and creates reports for physicins to better help them to make their decision treatments.  

Company or Institution

MJN Neuroserveis

Team Description

MJN was created in 2014 by David Blánquez, father of a girl with epilepsy and engineer, Xavier Raurich, electronic engineer and Salva Gutiérrez, economist. Currently, there is a team of 11 people working in the project, 5 engineers for software development, quality department and international relations, thanks to a grant of 1,8M€ from European Comission. These team is working with 3 PhD in University of Girona about Artificial Intelligence methodology, algorithms, research, machine learning and others applications. There is an Advisory Board of 4 people according for business development, artificial intelligent algorithms, medical aspects and associations. And finally we have created a Clinical Research Committee with 2 epileptologist, 1 neurophysiologist, 1 physician and 1 lawyer.

Monitoring Categories


How is the device worn?

External Wearable

Body Placement

External wearable in the ear canal

How is data transmitted?

Bluetooth from the earpiece to the mobile app, algorithms already in the app without internet

How is data stored?

How is data from the device stored (e.g., cloud storage)?

Sent from the mobile phone via Wi-fi to a secure cloud platform

Device Action

Alert System for Caregiver
Alert System for Person Wearing the Device

Development Stage

CE Mark
In Clinical Trials

Development Stage Description

Commercialization in Europe



Looking for Collaborations


List of Publications

Not yet. Pending of review

Is the device inter operable with other devices?


Does the device have a time stamping component?


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